Get your own planet in online strategy Xcraft. Conquer the cosmic space, create your own empire! QUICK START (2 minutes): for Humans or for Xerjs +2500 of metal +2500 of minerals

Welcome to XCraft!
author: ymnik | 2010-04-30 20:21:55 | Views: 10625
Xcraft begins the saga of the inter-galaxy wars between Xerjs, Tosses and Terrans. Along with the impressive combat you will experience a breathtaking story full of intrigues, trucks, betrayal and fanatical devotion where the action is dynamic, the evil is unsurmountable and the allies die because of the traitors. Two unique races that begin the StarCraft storyline are waiting for you.

Majestic open spaces of the Universe, attracting infinity of space... Welcome to your own planet, captain! In our online strategy you can create space empire, colonizing the worlds within Koprulu sector . However, should everything be limited to one galaxy?

Flotillas of the ships of the future, attacks on planets of strangers, mysteries of emptiness of infinity, and perhaps, secrets of new civilisations? Be strong, courageous and wise governor. Create grandiose fleet to spread wings and head sector one day.