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Message #415
Flying over the Trampolines has become more economical. You used to spend half your fuel consumption, but now you only spend a third.

We've improved the Second. Now it sees not only the battles in the area, but also the debris if they are more than 10,000 in Vespene.

We've improved Energus: now it gives a bonus energy to any object in the center of the local coordinates, even to the enemy.
Message #414
The administration of the project announces the launch of the sixth space station of tosses, which increases the production of energy at all local coordinates of the location. It is Erectus Energus!

There are fewer fleets and fewer defenses at the OPS.  In quest 6, one player cannot meet more than one OPS of the same type. OPS, which cannot be attacked because of the player's points, will fly away.

The time of research, knowledge and evolution was slowed down 10-100 times.
Topic: OPS with delivery: update of the 6th quest | 28 June 2019 12:01
Message #413
The principle of the orbital pirate station has changed completely.
The OPS are now something like a pirate’s boss. Their destruction or capture is an optional part of the 6th quest, which is currently working for humans and xerjs, and for tosses soon. In the area of the 6th quest you can also see the coordinates, the lifetime of the OPS that arrived at you and how many more points you need to score before the next OPS.

The cost of relocating of the capital has been increased from 300 HC to 1000 HC to avoid manipulations.

From now on, each level of the alliance bank increases the structure by 100% and Dunkleosteus by 33%.

Fuel consumption of insectoid entity have been reduced by 20%

Gas production formula of a green droid has been changed downwards.
Old formula:amount of droids ^ 0.74 * 1.2 ^ Assimilator level * (1.07 -0.0005 * maximum temperature of the planet)
New formula: amount of droids ^ 0.68 * 1.2 ^ Assimilator level * (1.07 -0.0005 * maximum temperature of the planet)

Flight coordinates are being introduced, we have to cancel the spiral sorting in the galaxy soon.

The X2 Crazy campaign is on until the end of the month.
Topic: Now Defense requires energy | 11 June 2019 21:05
Message #412
From now on, defense requires energy.
Defense can be disconnected from the battle on a page Resources.

Until the whole defense is built, you can turn it off to save it. This is a small plus of this change. At the OPS captured by pirates and on the special planets, the defense does not require energy.

The consumption is arranged according to the principle: 1 energy for every 10 defense points (minimum 1), for Tosses -  for every 2.5 points.

Shield dome needs more energy.

In agreement with the balance editor, the consumption of Moles is 3.

We introduced the concept of medium orbit.
The low orbit is intended for the appearance of fleets at the coordinates and the high orbit is intended for the appearance of satellites.

!!! Enter the defense, if the energy is not enough for all
The control energy of all the defense units is summed up. The percentage P of the remaining energy at the facility as a percentage of this total control energy is calculated. The number of units from each group of defence units is entered to a maximum of P% of the number of these units.
Topic: Cancelation of fleet construction | 10 June 2019 11:49
Message #411
It is not a bug. But thank you for your idea. We move it into New ideas section of the forum.
Topic: Changes in the functioning of trampolines | 7 June 2019 08:18
Message #410
Dear participants of the project, we have some changes which I will try to explain.

We reduced the fuel consumption of trampolines by half. We have reduced the recharging time of the trampolines 24 times. We reduced the trampolines speed bonus 10 times. We reduced the range of the trampolines 8 times.
As a result, the trampolines have become more risky and the flights over them have become less cheap because the speed of 10% will no longer give a 10-fold increase in the overall speed.

We've changed the formula for insect fuel consumption. The difference in consumption between low and high levels has been reduced.
For example, the costs of the first level were increased 5 times, and the tenth level was increased 20 times (previously it was less than 1000 per 1000 сkm).

We've reinforced the orbital pirate stations with planetary protection. Their capture from pirates will no longer be easy. We increased the standing time of the orbital pirate station at the same coordinates.
New time at coordinates for planetary pirate station/orbital pirate station.
All Temples, Planetary Pirate Stations, 30 days in one place.
Pirate orbital stations:
2000 points - 7 days
20 000 points - 14 days
100 000 points - 21 days
500 000 points - 30 days
1 000 000 points - 45 days
5 000 000 points - 60 days
Orbital pirate stations are considered to be configured correctly if they can be captured by 5-6 players or by using gravity weapons to break through the shields.

We've added Tosses buildings to the Tosses orbital stations.
Temples of relics are strengthened by grendeysers ten times.

Orbital pirate stations and temples should benefit from flying in close proximity.
As for supertops, they shouldn't be offended either. It is better to use OPS for your area, do not fly through 500 systems, through the entire sector. They are not for this purpose. The area of residence of supertops already remains huge, and online grows. Six months ago there was no OPS at all.

The speed of space wanderers is cut from 150 / 200 to 100 / 150.
The capacity of space wanderers from 250,000 to 200,000.
Increase in fuel consumption of space wanderers from 4000 / 3000 to 5000 / 4000.

On the main server, we have established the visibility of fleets in hold: fleets appear at a distance of up to 1000 km further than the high orbit.

You can fly to each ship separately, but most of the models are not in 3D and we continue to work on the quality.

We fixed a bug with the galaxy hanging out a lot last week.

A souvenir shop was opened in honor of the tenth anniversary of the project. There you can buy real stone products from the sunny homeland of the project Ural, for game currency.

The price of the products is influenced by the fact that they are made of natural materials by hands and in very small quantities. Currently, there are 10 products in the shop. The planets are solid faceted stones of valuable breeds. The height of the whole product is 20-25 cm. Tosses products are higher.

Shop workshop:

Now you can fly up to each ship in 3D and view it. Fleets start to be displayed on coordinates in 3D view.

Fleet on coordinates at getting on coordinates stands further than high orbit. When you select such a fleet you will see its mission. Perhaps, we will show other data as agreed with the Balance Editor.

At the moment, the units, except for the death stars, are displayed with sprites, but we will gradually change them to full-fledged 3D models, as they are replaced by our designer and the models are discussed with the project participants.
We're moving towards a free flight of fleets at the coordinates, as in the example below, where a double click tells the fleet where to fly:

You can't build an alliance bank on the planet. Now it can be built from the moon and be a satellite, and when it is destroyed, the resources stored in the bank will fall into the debris.

During construction, resource storage facilities will be gradually added. It will no longer be possible to remove bank levels.
The old alliance banks built on the planets will remain unchanged and will work according to the old rules.

We have updated the model of the pirate quay. Now it is not a ship of the Inquisition, but an independent quay model.

The percentage of Xcraft's affiliate program has been reduced by half, all the money saved will be spent on the further development of the project, and our partners get a lot.

We conducted an experiment with increasing the number of pirates at the coordinates by 50% last weekend. Perhaps, sometimes we'll be adding more of them, because at the weekend there is more online.

Xsolla has returned to Xcraft's payment, but its prices have risen by 10%.

PayPal also returned to Xcraft.
Topic: Scheduled Maintenance Notification | 9 May 2019 06:12
Message #408
Technical works have been successfully completed.
We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a pleasant game!
Topic: Scheduled Maintenance Notification | 8 May 2019 13:45
Message #407
Please be informed that tomorrow (May 9, 2019) at 05:00 server time will be performing scheduled maintenance, aimed at updating the software version.

All missions will be stopped during that time. The game and the forum will not be available too.

Estimated duration of scheduled maintenance is about 1 hour.

Your fleet, which will arrive on a mission at this time, will be processed with a delay, so please do not plan serious actions at that time, the more, battles that will require personal involvement. It is better not to fly at all at this time.

With fleets in saves, as well as with fleets which will arrive on a mission at that time, nothing will happen.

Please plan accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience to you.
Topic: We have changed some features of holds | 18 April 2019 20:13
Message #406
Dear participants of the project, today we have made two changes that you do not like. About the third we are making an announcement. You won't like it either.

We have canceled the consolidation of holds and storages on objects.
After negotiations with the balance editor, we left the possibility of partial mixing of the holds when acquiring the officer Storekeeper. Previously, you added fleet capacity to the storage capacity; now you will add only a part of this capacity.
The combined capacity was a temporary fix. We introduced it a few years ago, but now decided to cancel.

We have made the ability of Colony ship / Sower / Lurker to increase the capacity of the objects on which they are located, at 100% of its own capacity, despite the level of the Storekeeper.

We have altered the Storekeeper:
+% equal to the sum of the levels to the capacity of the fleet at the object
+% equal to the sum of the levels to storage capacity
+% equal to the sum of the levels to the fleet capacity

Now you calculate the territorial tribute as an alliance tax: the level of the bank in half.

Due to the expansion of the project, as well as the resettlement zone, we announce a decrease in the maximum distance of the Gate from 50 000 per level to 25 000 per level.
Estimated update date is 23rd. Do not get stuck with your fleets.
Topic: The new design of a Death Star | 12 April 2019 06:41
Message #405
We tried to change the design of the Death Star. We wanted to change the style of the famous franchise.
It is important for us to know the opinions of the players.

old  new 

Topic: Chat / pm system broken | 3 April 2019 08:26
Message #404
Please, show us the screenshot of the problem.
Topic: 10 years of Xcraft | 1 April 2019 15:51
Message #403
This month the internet has turned 30 and a third of this time the Xcraft project is with you.

We are preparing you more gifts, such as the official registration of game objects, their sale and purchase, the real estate market and a gift shop.

There is no live project in the history of games where the server would have been 10 years without a single restart and "wipe". You are allowed to make a game in which game resources are ROLLING relative to real currency:

The tenfold production was a gift exactly on the day of the decade, and a record prize pool of more than $ 15,000 waits for its winners at the end of the year.

Development continues!

Message #402
From now the protection x10 also affects on players with more than 1 000 000 points.
The new protection rule is: less than 25 000 points – x5, more than 25 000 points – x10 for all players.

The mission "Occupation" and "Defense" was changed. These changes based on the player’s complaint.  The object occupier or the defender of the coordinates/object will see all the missions that will lead to the battle. The visibility of fleets flying to the object and to the coordinates was disabled until the end of the battle. At the moment, it is being completed urgently, but not ready yet. See the description of the features of the mission.

4 new tosses stations released:

They strengthen the characteristics of the allied fleets, anywhere in the coordinates where these fleets are located. Together with the Balance Editor of the project we are having a discussion about development of the other Tosses stations.

We are working on new fleets location in local coordinates with the display of each unit. On the screen there is a fleet of 64 000 units facing the entity of the player with the nickname bastila. The size of the fleet group is 3 500 km. Anyone can join us in the coordinates [1:1:6]

Flagship shots will pierce a group of small units, destroying them. In the meantime, here you can play-fly (double-click commands the fleet to fly)

20 000 Broodlings
Topic: Hit effect | 1 March 2019 22:25
Message #401
We updated the effect of hitting the planet; the color of the effect depends on the color of the beam.

Topic: Scheduled Maintenance Notification | 28 February 2019 14:17
Message #400
Please be informed that tomorrow (March 1, 2019) at 05:00 server time will be performing scheduled maintenance, aimed at updating the software version and replacing one of the servers.

All missions will be stopped during that time. The game and the forum will not be available too.

Estimated duration of scheduled maintenance is about 1 hour.

Your fleet, which will arrive on a mission at this time, will be processed with a delay, so please do not plan serious actions at that time, the more, battles that will require personal involvement. It is better not to fly at all at this time.

With fleets in saves, as well as with fleets which will arrive on a mission at that time, nothing will happen.

Please plan accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience to you.
Topic: The new design of the ships of the human race | 28 February 2019 10:32
Message #399
In the meantime, we are developing a new design for ships of the human race.
Here, for example, work on a solar satellite and a spy probe.
Topic: Banned with no reason | 26 February 2019 12:16
Message #398
You and your brother were banned because you were using the same IP addres for both accounts of the same race.
Topic: 28 days inactivity | 21 February 2019 08:24
Message #397
Quote: M3dusa
3.Asteroids and stations become available for attack and colonization.
For all players or only for the same alliance as per #7?

Asteroids become available for all players and stations depending on their level.

Quote: M3dusa
5.Newbie protection disables.
For all players or only for the same alliance as per #7?

Newbie protection disables for all players

Quote: M3dusa
7.You can attack the fleets and objects of the players of your alliance.
Planets are included in the objects?

Sure, planet is an object
Topic: New design of the human race ships | 19 February 2019 09:37
Message #396
Meanwhile, we are developing new ships design of the human race.
Here, for example, work on the battlecruiser