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Topic: Backwards Economy | 16 June 2020 14:23
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Quote: hunts
As they say, cut your losses. I am not there yet, but if I am left to wait for my production of vespin to build up or waiting 6 hours for the next spawn to emerge in hopes that I might gather enough crumbs to send out a fleet. My interest will disintegrate rapidly and the game will be left with one less player that was and is to some degree willing to put some money into the game.
Bro, you will not have to wait 6 hours to send a decent fleet to fly, as you will discover, I talk to you from my own experience, you will need at least 6 days ;)
Or, you can buy HC in order to buy vespene

P.S. admins have not to say any more that they not want to hear from their base player.

P.P.D If you checkout past topics, you will find that players are unconfortable due to admins decisions, and admins... they dont care a ****.
Topic: Backwards Economy | 15 June 2020 18:09
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Look, guys...

When someone start a business, it is for earn money. If Admins here are not making money enough, they wont care about their players.

If they wants to make players to spend more money, they will take decisions that enforces all of us to buy more HC. That's what they are trying to do. Not the best way, but...

I have sent my fleets to exploration for more than a month, it is because I know I cant use it any more due to the high fuel consumption. So to fly is no more reliable. In time I will be force to abandon the game (as much others players) because I am not so stupid enough to fall in spend more money on a game that tomorrow could change a policy that make my 'investment' useless.

Players that dont buy HC are nt useful for admins. So they take decisions that smash them all.

you pay or you leave!!!!

If I will 'invest' real money on a game, it will be a game that ensure to me, I will not lose my investment for later decision from admins.

this game is not worthy US$ 20.00 a month, there are a lot of more quality, graphics worked, and respectful to players games out there.
The good thing is I have bought HC through paypal, so, I should keep what I have bought.
Topic: Fleet gas consomption | 30 May 2020 16:28
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It seems to be you dont understand. That is what admins wants. Every one becomes out of gas, so every one start spending more real money on exchange of resources.
Your advice will be heard not.

This is the only game I play and I know, that admins does nt care at all if players got fun or not. They only want to make players spend a lot of money compared to anothers games.
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Quote: Marek
Small addendum ... the value of a website does not even depend so much on the programming or the servers ... a server costs almost nothing ... the programming - is not as expensive as some think ... I master programming and have already worked and programmed on some projects ..... the actual value in euros / dollars of a page is the number of website visitors (or members) - and this is the most expensive thing about the whole project "marketing" for visitors at all to have for your own website - this can be worked out cheaply with a few 100,000 euros via affiliate partners and other illegal cheap providers up to this size - and if it is to be visited more like WoW, Facebook ect. does this run on the major media such as TV, radio, newspapers with various information messages that cost the large company several million euros ....

The website is only worth as much as there are actually many users! Without users, a project is not interesting for customers and even for users it is hardly interesting ...
I completely agree with everything you say.

One thing for sure: The administrators of this game are not at all interested in making XCraft more interesting or entertaining. Perhaps it is true something that someone said in a post, that decisions are made for the sole benefit of the top 100 players who make money with this game.

But I have the feeling that the decisions made by the admins, will decrease the number of players, and those 'top 100', will have no one to sell crystals to.

Not to mention that many of us think it's stupid to spend money on this game because of how frustrating it is.
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Quote: Marek
This crusade is not to be won
I too think it's misguided and will result in much of waste both in development resources and players' time. But, as I said, the decision is not mine.


It is already clear to me that these decisions are not up to you - but your presence serves for administration and an intermediary .....
He still has to be convinced that everyone can play the game again ... Customers who paid with PayPal can claim the money back for up to 6 months and argue that they paid for a service that no longer exists. .. The player then has minus on the crystals, but this is not important for an exit from the game ..... I am not acting against you, nor against the players or against the game .....
Your boss really needs to be convinced of the mistakes he makes with his changes - we all agree that what he does is not good ..... and it would be a shame if the game collapsed financially .... Doesn't notice the money losses yet? Because somehow he again introduced 2 changes that have not been published - with the cost of the officer Telepath and the difficulty of colonizing the planet on 300 building plots (this only hits the little players very hard again) ....

I still remember very well when I started playing, and the way the game was at the time you would not have had to change anything ... it was so good in 2018 that you enjoyed playing and would like to invest a few euros had to buy an advantage over the same-sized competitors ...

It was much more interesting because much more strategy was possible ... every change from the warm-up phase of the ships to the last change that is current only reduced the movements a player could make - every strategy is destroyed by changes ... That is exactly what has made the game quality worse and makes less sense than buying an edge with money ... Nobody who is active in the game has to fear that the strategy of a smaller player will overtake him ... so the time will come where nobody will buy anything for their own benefit ....

Your boss's balance sheets will deteriorate massively ... I also realize that it is only a small family business (not a production big company like Bioware), it will hurt him pretty soon. ... We don't want to hurt anyone - we just want to be able to play with the old ways of strategy and not be completely blocked by the game ... While the players and the game are decaying, I think I have it explained sufficiently in the last post .....

I have already experienced it at another game that was much larger and was managed by a much larger company - today the game no longer exists - and I liked playing it then - many years before XCraft ......
Hi Marek, Hello Marek.
Currently I know someone who sometimes thinks and acts like those who manage this game: STUPIDLY.

I know how this game will end.

But it is relative, because if those who administer this game really want the majority of players to leave, and then accept new players, it will actually work.

Let's just wait and see how the players react without the possibility of increasing their fleet unless they paid before I paid, but seeing how frustrating it is to play, I will not waste my money again in this game.

I have bought games for $ 15 dollars and have obtained them completely.

But in this game, if you don't keep paying monthly the excellent game costs that exist just to get resources and fleets that you can lose in a single day, you will not advance unless you invest a lot.

And you have no guarantee because the fleet can be stolen or destroyed.
Topic: Cost of payback | 14 May 2020 00:23
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SusiS, -
The change is because of there are to much resources in bestiary.
Like other changes in game - admins think different to us.
All player with "Headcluster"- xerj, "Government" - teran or "Konklav" toss
Earn money here in game. We call them Project owner . To smal prices in bestiary make their income low.
So this way they do prices up.

Example: Time of Research.
The long research times means people have more resources on planets,
so the Projectownwer - top 100 player can robb more from people.
Even the game gets less HC. because people do not buy research resources.
Thats typical. many changes are because of the top 100 gamer here.
and not for the game.
Same construction times of ships and buildings.

SO THIS change will not be permanent. if bestiarys get empty and prices rise again,
admins backchange it.
You all forget this game has to feed 100 people. in real live.
Because they change back hc to rubel.


I could swear that these were your words.
So, what happened now? do you forget this game has to feed 100 people in real live???

Although some receive benefits of negotiating within the game, the game will collapse if stupid decisions are made. The administrators of this game are making extremely stupid decisions and you can see it for yourself, although this game has to feed 100 people in real life, those people should be looking for something more to live for, because each update that is taken by admins, makes the game more frustrating.

Games are for fun, and no one will participate in a game, even if the lives of 100 people depend on that game in real life, if such game is not fun. Games are for fun, not for feeding others.
If the admins are so concerned with making decisions for the top 100, then they should allocate their HC revenue to those players, and not making the game more and more frustrating.

Soooo, Now you ask the admins for an explanation when you see that the decision made by them to decrease production also affects you.

Decisions that according to you, are made for the convenience of the top 100 players, however, it seems that they are also affected.
The point: Do not defend stupid decisions
Topic: Feedback! | 10 May 2020 05:46
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Koi, No one, or nothing, will improve the game experience on this game. You can notice, that every 'update' is only for kick all of the players on their asses. And, if continue existing players that submit to the administrators of this game, those administrator will continue making those 'updates' that enforces players to waste money more oftenly.
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You can go direct to hell if you think I will pay or waste any cent else on this game.

I was wating for next cut of my credit card to buy 2000 HC, but, thank you for help me to take a better decision.

You want to enforce player to pay more and more. keep going, you are doing really well ;)
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You have no brains on your skulls, you have shit instead!!

I will never do a contribution to this stupid game (the game is not stupid, whom take desicions that harm players are).

Me thinking: they as a programmers deserve incoming by HC sells.
Noooo, I hope no one else waste money on this game.