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Topic: How to Get FAS Working | 4 March 2021 01:12
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So, how many fighters can I fit into the hanger? One per level, two, more? Is there a hidden list showing the numeric values so I can fighure out what can hide in the hanger, or is it a useless facility that gives you an impression of being important? Just to fight the pirates hanging around, I need between 1k to 5k fighters. With that small amout of fighters, will all those fit in the hanger? (asking for a friend)
Topic: Quest No. 6 (Secrets of the space) | 1 March 2021 01:40
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For my quest 6, I needed to "Deliver by one fleet 2 000 000, 1 000 000 and 500 000 on the planet [12:121:2] of pirate leader ☠ Tony Montana to help him finish the repair." So, after much work, I collected it, and sent the resources. It went to the planet, then returned with the resources, nothing happened. So, should I do this again?