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Topic: dont you like the people that play | 30 May 2020 23:09
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Yeah, I already threw the towel actually.. moving my shit to ppl who still give a shit...

Dang.. another €0.02 payed for.. reporting the bug called 'game-design-error'...
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Alright, so to come back to my initial post. WHY would fleets be colliding with any celestial objects? Wouldn't it be a far more entertaining (and actually logical thing) to have them not bluntly collide but instead enter a fight instance? I did wonder why the pirate space station in the orbit of my former capital was just sitting there waiting while my recyclers would fly out and take debris from the planets orbit... And why ppl could 'guard' or even 'occupy' said planet without the pirate station there giving a single flying f**k.
I, not as a veteran but as a new player, did find those things somewhere between confusing and "ohh, it's just a game"-logical. But mostly just confusing.

Generally One would think that ships (that travel interstellar) should be agile enough to avoid collision unless going kamikaze... Also: shouldn't shields.. nvm the guy before me adressed that while I was typing.

Another 2cent down the drain I guess?
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Adding yet more 'realism' to the game I see? From a logical point... How would a satelite (like an unsteered moon) be able to 'crash' into a fleet, destroying it (or itself for that matter)?
Does this assume that the fleets pilots (especially during a battle) are all Blind and/or asleep?
That no proximity alert goes off and none of the ships autopilot functions that might exist alert the crew of the incoming moon and prompt it to evade it with their maneuvering thrusters.

*chuckles at the great minds behind the recent gamechanges*

Just my two cents (that is LITERALLY 2 Eurocent for this message)
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It's not Victoria. She's just the messenger. The culprit is the CEO of this game company. Making some really ... interesting... decisions.
The only way to send a message is to NOT play the game anymore.
It is a cute game, I did sort of like it but the latest change makes things a little dull... No more expansion of bases, no more expansions of research and fleets.
Well there is expansion, but it's from "Reaclling Fleetsafe. Where do I invest next." to "Yawn... only another two days of waiting and I have enough Vespene to kill a pirate fleet or two and recall and resend my fleet safe."

There are plenty of (much more stabley managed) game alternatives.
I do feel sorry for the employees of the company that have to take the burn from such shite decisions and might lose their jobs from shit like this.

I am just very, very sad to have invested into the game (that is money to buy HC) before knowing the true nature of it's CEO's whims.

This message was at the price of a €0.02. This is the first game I EVER encounterd so far that needs to be fed money to be able to comment on the gam or to report problems.
I do think this is another large problem. But who am I?
Just a customer that has invested money and will definiely NOT do so again knowing or willingly into products of this creator.

Please revert the changes and change the forum post policy, Thank you for consideration.
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