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Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 9 May 2021 19:28
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Is this working as intended now or is it buggy? The reason I ask is because I have been doing some experimenting with the new process.

I sent a colony ship to an undiscovered planet and when it got there it went into 24 hour hold, but two things make me wonder.

First off, as soon as the colony ship went into 24 hour hold, the planet showed all characteristics on the galaxy map, which means I can send that colony ship out to discover new planet types without every losing it. Intended? It's like having an endless supply of Gigalords without having to spend the time to build a Spire to get it back off planet to explore some more.

The other thing I noticed is that the colony ship that is on hold waiting to colonize does not show up on the galaxy map. Intended? It's like having a stealth fleet that cannot be detected, especially if the planet has been previously discovered. Really nice option for raiders who can now send any size fleet they want next door to you and you never see them coming. Also, no need to use expedition slots now to save your fleet when you can just pick a planet and send a fleet to 'colonize' it until you need it again or your 42 days runs out. More dangerous than expedition but who's going to go looking on the off chance there's a fleet hiding somewhere?