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Topic: galaxy view | 6 days ago
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Quote: LordVaderport
Yep read your post still not fixed for me though Still takes 1+ minutes for the galaxy to load. I am using the same PC same browser same everything 2 weeks ago it went tits up.
Well, the point was that the problem was addressed the same day. The fix could help. So don't blame all the admins pls.

And actually the next day after the attempt to fix it I could say it worked for me. But I'm not sure now. I still have these loadings once per day.
Topic: galaxy view | 7 days ago
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Quote: LordVaderport
Makes no difference eeee25 the admins just cant be arsed to respond and dont want to help.
Topic: galaxy view | 10 days ago
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Joyester, LordVaderport, how long ago did you notice the problem?
For me since the changes was made several days ago it become some faster but still I have to redownload big galaxy files sometimes.
Topic: Zaratustra | 27 June 2021 19:56:26
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How to open 5th quest Zaratustra on Xerjs nowadays?