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Payment System Again

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Payment options keep changing, Tried to purchase HC to no avail.
The Current available options give me, Internal error or just error. 
Payment options that works keep getting removed and replaced right when i need to top up.
Can i have an update on situation please, will an option be available again.

4 May 2019 06:29
4 May 2019 06:29
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Group toss Alliance Jackals 11 7 19 Points 241 109 Messages 86
 I'd like to know whats going on too.
Paypal also has been removed again. It was available for about a week. Will it be restored? 
With all the changes and the push for players to buy crystal, you think you'd have a decent payment setup for that.
Paypal is secure - no way I would use any other system here.
All I want is the code from another of my accounts for a friend, and its been a pain trying to get it.

Since we're talking crystals... why are comments in the 'Free Zone' of the forum now costing one crystal? That's not free. 
4 May 2019 09:51
4 May 2019 09:51
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ok just got new system to work.
4 May 2019 14:50
4 May 2019 14:50
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the paysave card does not work.
And we all know why.

This game got not trusty status.

4 May 2019 16:46
4 May 2019 16:46
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bonjour,je t'ecris car personne ne me répond.
je ne peux plus améliorer ma base et mes recherches car je n'ai pas de "cache a minerai",mon stockage s'arrete a 100000 ne trouve pas le moyen de fabriquer ce cache a minerai pour augmenter le niveau de stockage. merci si tu peux me diriger vers la solution. bisou
4 May 2019 17:42
4 May 2019 17:42
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even if you successfully pay for krystals
it doesn't mean you will get anything

Thanks to Victoria,problem fix it
5 May 2019 00:01
5 May 2019 00:01
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We do pay for the why do they not want us to pay for them still.....I mean if you spend 300 to 400 usd a month or roughly 3600 to 4800 usd a year I guess that's small chump change to them. but you ad say oh about 1,000 people spending it adds up. small numbers become big number when you have many people fix it so we can spend or do not want our money?
8 May 2019 05:03
8 May 2019 05:03


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