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Now: 21 October 2019 00:08
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Attack order lost after splitting

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basically this happened:

I ordered 2 Pancors to attack mutalisks. (At 52 seconds)
I used the split command to get 2x1 pancor instead of one group of two pancors. (At 1 Minute 42 seconds)
Only one pancor is still shooting on the target I gave. The other returns to shooting on anything he wants to. (At 2:20 the pancor with lower life shoots the mudkips)
-> The pancors both do 3 shots onto the mutalisks after being split before the pancor with the lower life starts shooting on other targets at 2:20. The mutalisks were still alive at this point.

I think the attack order should be applied on both groups after a split.
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26 June 2019 00:24
26 June 2019 00:24
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It's ok. We added this case to description of split in battle.
4 July 2019 15:37
4 July 2019 15:37


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