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Outline needs Change

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I noticed that in the premium tab, the image has a screen where there is an outline of 3 race-specific ships. The outlines have not been corrected for the human race, they still match the old stealth fighter and cruiser
26 November 2019 00:34:08
26 November 2019 00:34:08
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but what about these outlines found on the main page.
and the more obvious one is the old cruiser model, it shows 3 ships in rotation , a xerj flagship, a toss flagship, a human medium ship
probably should change the cruiser to a flagship?
26 November 2019 04:20:47
26 November 2019 04:20:47
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Group guest
They probably should
26 November 2019 22:07:14
26 November 2019 22:07:14


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