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Now: 30 March 2020 09:35
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specified cords are incorrect, can not move my spacestation after jump

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Hello Admins,
jumped my space station for targeting pirate OPS.
Came to wrong side of planet.
Want to fly around.  Any moving is not possible.
Ever get the message specified cords are incorrect,
even I use 3D view for moving.

this local position had after jump to that place
[15956:-8280:-9296] km

close and open window changes. still same shit.
after setting energy to + it works.
no Idea if because of that .  still would be stupid error message.
now different player have with dunkle, too.
As screen shows GATE is targeted. And it can not move.
And local cords show it is far from planet aswell

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Third class award

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22 February 2020 13:35
22 February 2020 13:35
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Solved it. Thanks, stein
19 March 2020 11:34
19 March 2020 11:34


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