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Misleading Description, Officers description in Xerys page is misleading

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Hi, it's the first time i write here.
Yesterday I bought the first level of Astrogeologist using my Xerys account. I had some HC to spend and when i read the description i bought it immediately:

"Infected astrogeologist is an expert in the geology of celestial objects, such as asteroids, comets and meteorites. (this means it's cool) With his team of metallurgists and chemists, he supports interplanetary governments in developing new sources of resources and helps to optimize them (what sources?).
+% to resource production equal to the level plus the sum of the previous levels.
For example, at level 6, 1+2+3+4+5+6=21%.
After level 2, order x3 is possible."

The second part ( that describes the actual effects 'translated in game bonuses et al. ) is equal to the description of the 'normal' geologist. So i supposed it would have worked in a similar way affecting the overall production ono every planet i have. But after i bought the officer i sadly noticed that nothing had changed in the production of resources.

Today i have re-checked the situation comparing the description of the same officer in my human account and i have understood : the (second part) in the human account description officer is :
"+% to resource production on asteroids equal to the sum of the levels..
For example, at level 6, 1+2+3+4+5+6=21%.
After level 2, order x3 is possible."

Obviously if i could have read it yesterday from my xerys account i would have bought another officer as my xerys has no "asteroids or whatever similar"- So i bought it in vain. Though it could not be considered a bug it's clearly a misleading description and i can't understand why not publishing the ready-to-use & more clear description given to humans.
Anyway i consider it effectively a bug ( probably devs has forgotten to update that page.. ).

Can I change the officer or can i be refounded in some way ?

Anyway i suggest you to update the xerys descr coz it can lead to a wrong decision other players.
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14 April 2021 21:56:54
14 April 2021 21:56:54
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Thank you for the information. The description has already been updated
15 April 2021 10:54:45
15 April 2021 10:54:45


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