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problem with attacking offline player

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:
Fafnir and other

in PM

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13:31:41 now and ongoing

i am not allowed to attack a much stronger offline player. even if i do it in fleet menu directly, it says "You cannot attack the player due to diplomacy or newbie protection."
But i'm outlaw, never was friended with him and i have no alliance (despite he's offline). So there shouldn't be anything interfering.

Actions required to repeat the problem:

27 June 2021 14:33:25
27 June 2021 14:33:25
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What's the type of the object you're trying to attack? All transferable objects (asteroids, OPS, PPS) are kept under newbie protection rules, even when an owner is inactive (descriptions for those objects state rules like this: “The asteroid is protected by the Newbie protection, despite the inactivity of its owner”). Outlaw status doesn't help in that case too.
27 June 2021 16:18:24
27 June 2021 16:18:24
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are you kidding me? so on transferable objects, the newbie protection isn't active if the attacking player is bigger, but a small player can never conquer anything from on bigger offline one? what's the point in that? that's not logical, nor is it usefull. i give up the "protection" (which is no protection at all), but i have no benefit? i can not even touch any big guy? either you should ad a kind of protection across al points ranges or no specials at all.

it's no where menioned in newbie protection.
so at least the error message is not accurate. because it's not a matter of newbie protection or diplomacy, it is because of the special characteristics of the object.

- as long as you do not have 25000 points, a player with more than 5 times more points than you is considered too strong. After 25000 points, a player with more than tenfold excellence is considered too strong.

Weak player - his points exceed the 5-fold difference in the smaller side, until he has scored 25000 points and 10-fold difference after scoring 25000 points.

"Outlaw" - This is the status of the player who committed some actions (launching to attack, defense, and scanning Sensor Phalanx) with respect to objects of a strong player. The newbie protection is removed, giving the player the status "outlaw" for 7 days. A player with this status can be attacked by any strong player. The status of "outlaw" does not give the right to use Gravity Trampoline a strong player.

When fleets of weak and strong players meet on the coordinates, the fleet of the weak will try to turn around. If the turn of the fleet of a weak player is impossible, then such a fleet will take the fight with a strong player. A weak player's fleet is counted in the destroyment of the fleet to shreds.

The effect of newbie protection spreads on collisions and shoots of gravity gun.

Newbie protection does not apply to an orbital pirate station, asteroid, planetary pirate station and temple if the owner is a player with less than 25000 points.

are you really telling me, that even if group myself together with other small players, and i or we together beat a much stronger opponent, no matter if on- or offline, we can not conquer his station? what kind of war game is this?
27 June 2021 16:29:14
27 June 2021 16:29:14
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It is not a bug.
28 June 2021 07:34:41
28 June 2021 07:34:41


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