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Galaxy view GAME speed, Not update

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10 - 20.08.2021

Galaxy view. Does not Update instand. People see pirates wich are already shot. People do not see other player shares.
The problem seems to be with Cache. Pressing F5 helps. But no one does every minute.
More and more player run for same pirate. We get real much trouble with spendet vespene for recalled fleets.

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Seems a problem that game got OVERSIZED with stupid 3D and other shit.
Especial US people run "seconds" behind others sometimes. In update of galaxy view.
Phone users same.
GAME SPEED, Galaxy view update / actualize, breaks in battles, and and and.
OF course all "RANDOM" so difficult to show failor.
MAKE the GAME faster again. Try to simplify some programming. make less data .

OR USE a server not in camel land

20 August 2021 22:17:30
20 August 2021 22:17:30
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SusiS, is the problem still actual?
15 October 2021 06:46:32
15 October 2021 06:46:32
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I need 1 - 5 minutes to open galaxy view. And to get a screen.
other peoples browser freeze
15 October 2021 12:35:58
15 October 2021 12:35:58


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