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buy/exploit of bestery, low movment cost of minerals/ships/ect via bestery

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:
Luckycharms happened ony cpt_hunters1


Date or time of the incident (according to server time):
11/04/2022 13:23:16 server time

Description:i listed my solars on the bestery from 172:100:2 for sale paid the fee of 1 hc to save them during a moonshot and once the moonshot was over i canceled the sale at another planet 172:100:5 they returned to the planet i canceled at not at place of origin i see this as a bug or as a oversight for free movement of a fleet at a extremly lower cost to the user i have done some testing and it is easy reptable and is probly be abused by those who already no about this as it saves alot of hc spending
steps to p[roduce hte bug
1.list item for sale
2.remove the bestery from planet via demo or attack
3.cancel the order at the planet you want them to go to
4.range is limited to the 100 sector rule
5.the location changes and deleivers to the canceled planet not planet of origin
Actions required to repeat the problem:
just list and cancel at another planet for the movement to occur

11 April 2022 13:40:12
11 April 2022 13:40:12
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The return of the lot was made on another planet due to absents of psi disrupter on the planet of origin.
The speed of bestiary's Gigalords depend on the level of development of the bestiary owner.
16 May 2022 12:44:18
16 May 2022 12:44:18


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