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470 K / 470 K
Cyberman TOSS
You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!!!


TOP: 5 155
Points: 470 368

Alliance: Combining the Zerg and Terran

Capital Planet:


21 Infrastructure
12 Raids
19 Battle experience


Temporary medal “Protector”Chose the side of Santa ClausAward 250k stats pointsRecycle master IINeed for speedBusinessmanYellow shard2Medal which resets the depletion of green nexus2Medal which resets the depletion of red nexusCrazed collectorGagarin`s awardPotY supporter medalRecycle master IPlanet raiderLeonov medalToss` capital key (Cyberman)
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Registration date: 22 February 2019 20:33
Last visit to the forum: 23 January 2020 21:09
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“Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

Below is a list of all known player space objects (planets, moons, insects, asteroids, comets). Coordinates in this list, you can see if found in galaxy and do spy scan. Special planet (instance) are always visible and under any conditions.

Reputation 5

In order to change the reputation - activate.


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Post comment 26.12.2019 1:11

Хорошему человеку. Слови удачу за хвост и неотпускай. Прекрасных польотов во-вселенной.

Post comment 25.12.2019 20:57

+ for good luck :)

Post comment 19.12.2019 2:02

Втравил в игру:)

Post comment 10.07.2019 23:57

Удачных охот !!!! Расти Большой!!!!

Post comment 02.03.2019 15:51