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1380 K / 1380 K
HardStone TOSS


TOP: 2 144
Points: 1 380 364


Capital Planet:


32 Infrastructure
23 Raids
110 Battle experience


Fleet award «Solar satellite»Award 1kk stats pointsChose the side of Santa Claus2Recycle master IIIRazgibator2Fleet award «Patriarch»2Fleet award «Interceptor»BusinessmanChose the side of Father FrostSpace experienceFleet award «Espionage probe»Fleet award «Mudkip»Flawless victoryFleet award «Devourer»Tereshkova medalNeed for speedGagarin`s awardRecycle master IIFleet award «Science vessel»Fleet award «Investigator»Fleet award «Sower»Good fightAtreides talismanHarkonnen talismanOrdos talismanFleet award «Scout»Recycle master IFleet award «Matriarch»Planet raiderToss` capital key (HardStone)
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Registration date: 26 Sep 2017 19:45
Last visit to the forum: 6 Apr 2020 22:34
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Below is a list of all known player space objects (planets, moons, insects, asteroids, comets). Coordinates in this list, you can see if found in galaxy and do spy scan. Special planet (instance) are always visible and under any conditions.

Reputation 19

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You're not worth anything alone either. Break one pencil easily, try to do it with a dozen. In addition, between black and white hundreds of colors and shades. Therefore, no one can claim that what he said is true. Including me...

Post comment 11.07.2019 18:56


You are buyer. do not talk with fighter

21.07.2019 2:36

Америку не люблю,а девушка понравилась.

Post comment 19.02.2019 3:04


I am from germany. play english. this game makes american flagg.

19.02.2019 23:15

For your eyes only, only for you.
You see what no one else can see, and now I'm breaking free.
For your eyes only, only for you.
The passions that collide in me, the wild abandoned side of me.
Only for you, for your eyes only.

Post comment 07.02.2019 6:14

удачи тебе америкоска

Post comment 02.02.2019 5:33

thank you very much for the metal :)

Post comment 13.10.2017 15:00