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I hope these changes, as soon as possible, are really a waste of time and too much to wait to see there is no option to occupy the planet because fields are too small, when will there be any changes?
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Awesome, always good something new. When we can start Testing?
Topic: Xcraft burns down again | 29 days ago
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My goodness, what a Damage that was, Did anyone actually pay attention to the pictures posted???? Really People?
See the Picture of Net Hubs they are on top of each other! Also, all of that is on the Palettes of Wood! Jesus Christ
Who was the Admin of that? You, honesty should Shoot him. That must be Totally idiot to set this like it is on the Picture.
Heheheheh what a joke of Admin and a waste of money,
Here are so many good people, and the players in this game were just amazing, even with bugs they are fixed over time, just Prices are too high guys, for real, Ballance is slowly done (too slowly) but it is done if you have patience. I never so any game (and I am Gamer for very, very long time) that every month gets more and more expansive, even show you, will cost you every month, more, there is no logic and no math you can do that (That's greed) nothing else. On the place to promote a game and make it easy for people to play and pay with premium so you can cover your expenses and get some profits (which is legitimate) like every other game, You want to make more money than make Discounts, Offers, Special packages, with time lap, things like that, |Jesus if I had this game as an owner I will be Millionaire in 2 years time. Leave your EGO and Stupidity and talk with an economics professional to see if I am right. Take this partnership program away, it is not worth it anyway, make the game more flexible and make your money as you deserve.
Topic: Discounts Special Offers | 29 March 2022 18:31:42
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Besides x craft I play a few more games, One of them is WoT Blitz, Can you take into consideration to take few Tips from them about Special Offers and Prices, Some more Bonuses and little Lower prices so we can be able to buy stuff here. The bonus of 3x for a few hours by Ymnik was nice but short. I do understand Server cost and not a little but taking down Vacation mode from 1000 HC to 100 will be nice a special in these Times of War in UA and many people who want to come back in the game will now lose everything because was not able to keep the account, Admins, I understand your need for profit, but this is not the way, I am in Marketing over 18 Years and Working as Reception Manager in 5 Star Hotel in Eilat and how you do your Offers and Special prices are just losing profit, Maybe consulting with Professionals will make you change your mind and different approach. Realistically speaking 1000 $ to get one officer to play the game is not real by any means, maybe will buy a few people but there is no profit from a few but many, and it is just a game, never forget that. To make 1000 $ you have to work hard for many hours (days, weeks depending on where you are from) can you imagine how many people can do that in Russia? Is that a market you want? No profit in that, believe me from experience. Thank you
Topic: officer refund | 2 April 2018 20:50:28
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indeed we have , from 12 level to 8 what a helll ???????????????
Topic: This Game is realy good | 6 February 2018 21:47:41
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Topic: reduced percentage of debris after battle | 6 February 2018 21:19:42
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Game was awesome , just before a new year . all was fine and then just a little after holidays , all start to go down , really not nice , we just want to play and have fun , game is to slow , taxes , depletion , amortization , production , fly , all this so unnecessary , on the place to make game much fun and joy , now its not even worth to go on pirates , cost of gas for fly is to high , and all for what ,Please stop be egoist and give us to play and have fun and you will benefit from this , I am working 25 years in hospitality and costumer services , and if costumer want to buy some thing you provide hem so you will make profit , this game can be awesome , really can and it is , just make it like was before new years eve and all fine .PLEASE .simple request your benefit . 

even for you credit , its bin added some good things , also have to be say , no question about that , some improvement to ,some new things are also nice , so game is not getting old and for that you Vasia deserve compliment and thank you , but Bro , please make game like it was , interesting and fun like use to be , you can do it , so we all can be happy .
Topic: Second of Tosses and new bonuses Mantrid | 23 January 2018 23:33:04
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Nice , but mey i ask maybe to lower price for Mantrid so we can some how buy this ? cost of 30 000 HD cristals is way to expansive . Please :D
Topic: Depletion is reduced, fuel costs are increased | 10 January 2018 04:14:00
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Come on its not Worth to go anymore to pirates !!!! why would you do that with gas ? its really not playable like that .
Topic: For English speaking players | 20 October 2017 00:12:54
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yep there is not a little English speaking guys in here , use to be most of them separate on system 901 and around , that was 3 years ago when i first time start to play but was also much harder then now , now we have more options and we know more about game , list not like before , But still there is some good part of game (expansive) , most people know to play are nothing to do just a play with weak players to grow up .somehow that have to be balanced , if of course  Admins want other people to play for long .
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Killfast , sorry for that but did you see your power now and before ???? did you see that actually they did something really good and now your guns are way to better , thats how i got kicked without paying attention that was changes (not that i receive any information , same as you , but its ok ) ? 
Topic: Average levels of the officers, research | 20 October 2017 00:00:40
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BTW  last balance of Time and speed is really  , deserve a acknowledgment , good job (y) .
Topic: Average levels of the officers, research | 19 October 2017 23:59:39
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Very nice , just wondering what about this is it somehow possible to be little logic in this PRICE , or some discounts so we can actually buy that ? Will be very nice of you and also will make more interesting for players , less we can afford that , its way to high , 555 $ just to get  3rd level of mendrtid is madness , and why we outside of Russia pay more for HD cristals ? Why is that ?
Topic: مهام الاسطول | 17 October 2017 00:50:22
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Topic: Marketing and Stuff to Buy | 5 October 2017 01:47:21
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I have suggestion , Its nice about this Mega packages but let be honest , its good for new players .

Mentrid is 30 000 HD cristals equal to 500$ just to have ability to build already very expansive Flag Ships , guys this is to much , let be little real , Whats is interesting if i have to play 5 years to get build few of dose ????

Make some discounts and some spacial prices for all to be able to get some of mutants , that will be benefit for both sides , player and owner , and game will be much interesting and challenging . Please

Top 10 players of the Year , how is that possible thats admins can participate on this ?
Topic: new engine to move station | 5 October 2017 01:18:57
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agree , good point Shane
Topic: Game changes and 'improvements' | 2 September 2017 08:17:56
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Interesting , i didnt know thats possible and also i do not mind if they can , as far game can be played, fer is possible .

I do have an offer ," if thats a truth" , then do that for all players , will make more interesting for everyone .

Anyway its very hard to do some really good staff in here , its way to expansive ,to buy some of things and taking ages to collect them , like flag ships , they are way to expansive , big ones and some of Mutants are way over expansive .I do not have problem spend some money to kip game on , but lets make some discounts and some special offers so others can buy

What about new players and guys who can't buy anything , they should be something for them to , they are very important roll in the game to .They also should have some chance to have fun and some benefits .

Any way , Economics here are really in bad condition , guys you should really see how to manage this more economic for yourself , give chance to players to buy and have fun and enjoy game , this should be main reason for balancing this much easy for all .

Just now pay attention , when you reduce last time pirates and make more expansive game ,on the Market there is no much offer from players and the market, what was before 11 or more pages now they are about 4 pages , and game is much slower for all .yes i understand all but lets make it little easier and have more fun , you can profit for your own good .


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