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Topic: Alliance Depot | 10 May 2021 06:59
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I had friendly fleet that flew and sat on a planet for a few days , allegedly he ran short on gas and couldn't fly anywhere
In the description, Alliance depot gives the ability to provide fuel to friendly fleets that help with defense and are in orbit.
Naturally you can not send transport mission to yourself from the same planet and you also can not provide fuel to the fleets with defense
Unless I missed the feature some where , there is either incorrect wording in the description or have a missing feature of providing fuel with defense.
Topic: HH alliance | 6 May 2021 09:12
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Quote: linker
there is no such thing as unwritten rules.
You misunderstand, in the pact they call it "service" or "demolition of the service" but what is a service? this part is unwritten, its not in the games rules, and its not written in politics
Right now its a conceptual idea to give this game some sort of sportsmanship between alliances
The only place i have seen a version of this concept is here ,this is her interpretation on the rules
in anycase all my planets have not even 1 ship out from under the FAS , and so attacks are uncommon for me

Quote: Reimund
BUT - when these big alliances want, they don't care about these "unwritten" rules and fuck smaller alliance with all they have.
Yes it happens , but sometimes they do it to the wrong player :))))))
A solo player had a pirate station stolen , was also insulted (So I was told) this happened to their members from this "big alliance"

WOW , i really hope that station was worth it :)))))))))))))))

Fundamentally there are no rules at all
Topic: HH alliance | 5 May 2021 01:04
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What does the end game goal of a different strategy have to with this game :) the first round would be over and here you will still be flying to your target :)
Topic: general complaint | 5 May 2021 01:01
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The trend is increased nerdiness and time consumption
Capturing the pirate station was the last intrest for me,
I don't care if they remove the scrap from them for cutting them down
One intrest remains is to see what happens with quest 9
But don't worry about it , its not a finished product , everything is dynamic
Topic: Xcraft burns down again | 16 March 2021 10:31
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the battle you showed me would be laughable to strategist , but then there are players here that don't know the unwritten rules and they are playing with the wild west here is a girl that did similar things , i stayed silent , until she attacked me three times, i explained these "unwritten service rules of craft" and I was nice to her with my communication , she's only scanned me once or twice since then , but attacks everyone else :)
Topic: Xcraft burns down again | 16 March 2021 08:10
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seksoje , you are one month and one week in the game and you are saying "Once upon a time" with battle experience level 3 ?
at your level (beginning of the game) you should have plenty of daily targets to find , I know I did, scan and attack live players and not so much pirates , pirates - they are bots , filler material for something to do if you cant find a target
Get your self a good fight medal and then come back and say "Once upon a time"
I no longer fly to pirates , instead i collect the gas and trade with members that do fly to targets, sometimes i will fly to players but not often
"waste of time" this is what games are for wasting your time , killing time etc , before electronic games we had cards and board games to "waste of time"
Fun - there is not much fun here , you have you make it fun for yourself , I find enough fun with socializing members in my alliance , sharing stories from the real word , combat reports from the game etc
For example , I was in the game and fishing at the same time :) , I like to show off how warm the water is

The real Fun for me is the communication of players after you attack them , i like to troll them and this is really fun :)


Я твой рот ехал за то что ты сделал!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


(wait) Что мне сказать?


Я дал тебе иглу 💉


В мозги свои водки иглу пустую упырь конченый!какого хрена ты влез пидарас ish means offline player :)
Topic: Xcraft burns down again | 12 March 2021 15:17
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Did you look at the pictures ? the server had a complete meltdown... , just be happy you got a restoration and not a complete wipe)
they managed to roll back to the morning of March 9 ( i think ) so you lost one or two days of progress
Topic: Xcraft burns down again | 11 March 2021 08:39
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The battle reports saved in the Notes are giving the report "The file of the battle report was not found."
Will they be restored , or are they permanently lost ?
Topic: Announcement! Alliance leader elections | 9 February 2021 09:08
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hunts you are a senator now , you have an opportunity to have a vote in the topic here
Topic: Announce: Jump gate changes | 3 December 2020 23:00
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+ 1 level of farm , - 1 level of strategy

Edit: I have to add, thanks for the new mechanism, and for the adequate announcement :)
Topic: Minerals | 16 November 2020 08:26
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Was for a day or half a day , I'm not sure , anyway if you don't understand it , you got a freebie

And when was anything owed to anyone because it was not announced? Sorry this is the most brutal space game you can play with harsh results

There are more and more players following the quest 6 (donating a lot) and forgetting about the basic fundamentals - Theft and robbery (PvP)
Topic: Last straw | 1 October 2020 06:08
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Dammn see you
Topic: Announcement: collision with fleets in orbit | 18 September 2020 13:30
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UncleanOne, the innovation is cancelled or postponed? still active ? I haven't looked into this mechanic

mikelin, Why is easy to answer , the question is (How?) its possible you unintentionally turned on collision in the gun view , or is it newly spawned from the medal ?
Topic: Signal Jammer | 9 September 2020 13:19
Message #44
Black pack is cool with a chance of the moon , Device effect: claw scars on enemy avatar for 2 hours. if i get the 25% inaccuracy it appears on my own avatar?

on a note , ive lost the fleet to the zerg defence three times , you learn how deal with it eventually
Topic: Signal Jammer | 9 September 2020 08:56
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How to understand this
attacked him with brown spectrum , vasya ray , and Mikuru-beam
but it gave him a positive effect, not only that it depleted my signal strength
Topic: Changes with ark | 4 September 2020 00:59
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Can you reset the ark quest every year or would that be too much of a freebie? , I've completed all the quests, except for the impossible quest 7, there is nothing to do there now
Topic: Miss and Mister Universe contest | 19 August 2020 14:12
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Where are your photos Victoria , this is from the wrong profile :)))
Topic: Lazy | 13 July 2020 14:07
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a participant wrote something and the administrator took advantage btw the unit description already says its slow
Topic: acc erase | 13 July 2020 08:44
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^^ successfully deleted
Topic: joke from admins ? | 23 May 2020 08:54
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this time i dont know what to buy the x2 for.... Re:Balance