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Quote: VasyaMalevich
пиратиков также не будет видно

Me personally, I don't care , I rarely fly to them
Online interest will instantly decline 50-75%
With a full fog of war , only the nerds will actually play
Topic: low player has a huge point fleet | 7 days ago
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I see he still has premium and collecting Schrödinger's Boxes , should this be allowed while on vacation? dude probably doesn't check his account
Judging from what he wrote , seams to me he quit the game

Topic: Alliance combat reports | 7 days ago
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The user on whose account the problem was detected:


Date or time of the incident (according to server time):


Not critical, but its been like that for a while, annoying, if it can be fixed

Actions required to repeat the problem:


Topic: 10th time I report this bug now. | 7 days ago
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And yes quite often, I am asked where I am from
If he/she upset they say americos, pindos/pendos etc
Topic: 10th time I report this bug now. | 8 days ago
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Perhaps a compromise, in the options under or above the language setting , a new option "Flag", your own choice of country flag, the language settings remain and everyone is happy?
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Im talking about the module itself from the pirate
Globally there is a concept drawn, the whole idea is promote new toys and the means to obtain them will create more PvP
you can have events, more from pirates , extra units, bounty etc

Я говорю о самом модуле из пиратки.
Глобально нарисована концепция, вся идея в том, что продвижение новых игрушек и средств их получения создаст больше PvP
у вас могут быть события, больше от пиратов, дополнительных юнитов, награды и т. д.
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Quote: VasyaMalevich
Marsman, Otorten done?


Yes i understood , good ideas , but with pirates this is a free resource , if they are added there , this the likeyhood will be x10 less vs players
and there is also dead players (ish) , will anything drop out from them
Text from the quest

The planet Otorten is close to the horizon of events, and time around this planet flows differently from ours. A long time ago, a community of scientists of Russian origin went there in nine large shuttle stations. The expedition was equipped during the Golden Age and had a huge amount of resources. At the junction of temporary anomalies of a strange planet, scientists erected a laboratory Tent and disappeared beyond the horizon of events. No one living now knows the fate of the expedition.
The Tent Lab hangs above the planet to this day. After the beginning of the relict invasion, it was possible to reach Otorten's orbit by teleporting any satellite using a plasma anomaly rift. You have helped our mission, and we are transmitting the rift plasma to you. Maybe you can shed some light on the fate of the expedition and get unique technologies.
It is known that the access code to the laboratory must be entered correctly by activating the terminal. Scientists at the Otorten laboratory, if they are alive, or its artificial intelligence, give code hints by scattering their old shuttles around in the unstable local coordinates of the Otorten area.
They don't want the code to be used by xerjs, tosses or clones, but only real human consciousness from Earth. As far as I know, the captain, the source of your consciousness is the cradle of humanity, and you will be able to understand the correct sequence for entering the code.
Let the universe guard you. May your consciousness remain in eternity and you remain its bearer forever. But remember: no one and nothing comes back from Otorten!

Its not undersood what to do here, look for shuttles? only one player has seen a "shuttle/object" and this is not confirmed by anyone else

Unlock the terminal, and ask yourself if you can understand it....
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Quote: 4Fun
Marsman, sorry but no chance to realise that. They are thinking how to destroy infrastructures of the alliances in general and pick up some small pcs for something, what even they can't imagine. For crafting something really cheap they wish to press us to start destroying something really expensive.

Yes , sorry i went off topic , we are brain storming a module for a powerplant

Quote: 4Fun
Quote: VasyaMalevich
при уничтожении врат, или алок, или ОПСок
Теперь ясно к чему нас всех толкают

This is not a new thing.... so a new dynamic is being introduced
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Singularity: potentially contains unlimited energy, bends the space time fabric
+100% Gate range
-50% Gate fuel consumption
Topic: Collision | 13 days ago
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The user on whose account the problem was detected:


Date or time of the incident (according to server time):
Fleet commanderTeleportation
12 Nov 07:46:40
Near your object, on coordinates [0:0:9], was teleported the object Station ⌀24 of player demon72

I asked the player what happend , replied: collison with the planet at this time 13.11.21, 03:24:13

It happened sometime between those hours


Not sure is a collision should be possible at this coordinate, made a report

Actions required to repeat the problem:

Teleport station


Otorten's remaining structure
Topic: Storage | 19 days ago
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The user on whose account the problem was detected:


Date or time of the incident (according to server time):

Storage is reduced , there is nothing in Balance , admins have not written anything yet, Please confirm Bug or Balance edit . Thanks

Actions required to repeat the problem:

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Quote: Black

а есть те кто прошел?

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I have not purchased crystals for a while now, used to be a regular thing, I have premium and that is quickly loosing its miniscule bonus value
Topic: Анонс | 24 days ago
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Nothing in balance, admins have not yet written to confirm , so for now this is a bug :D
Topic: Потеря СКС | 26 days ago
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There is a big difference between an auto pilot mechanic malfunction
And a description that does not say it should or should not work
Think balance
Should vs should not)
Topic: Потеря СКС | 26 days ago
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GODZILLA75 this is a balance update not a bug

George was returned, because there was a bug , bug fixed , innovations added , no need need to look for anything
Topic: Network Signal | 27 days ago
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Hello, not sure if it has been suggested
When looking at the entire network , would it be helpful if there is an option , Reveal only the signal , meaning only the system that has a signal will be coloured?
Topic: Потеря СКС | 29 days ago
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Quote: LIS
Для троллей которые пишут про потраченные деньги, почки и т.д.
Озвученная сумма зарабатывается за 2-3 дня, а я бы лучше потратил их на ….. – зарабатывай и трать
Не надо считать чужие деньги, посчитай свои 😊

Quote: 1020
поэтому размер структуры планеты не имеет значения 2-3-4ккк

speculator? , a 20k planet will produce an asteroid ⌀ 2000 , the asteroid from this event ⌀553 , can i estimate 1/4?, say average structure is 3 billion , then the estimate is 750k structure with ~20% discrepancy <- my speculative answer
Topic: Потеря СКС | 29 days ago
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🍻Владимир7 you write as if you have no experience with collisions

The player wrote there is no log