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Topic: general complaint | 1 July 2020 00:24
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the subscription to this game is $18 per month American Currency, there are many games that cost $5-$20 that offer much more in terms of graphics, playability, storyline, and PVP without a monthly subscription, this Game is simply not good enough to charge a monthly, in addition to that the game charges you Hyds for everything you want to do, convert resources, fleet upkeep, buy off the exchange, reply to posts on the forums, report an issue to the Devs. There is no building to get Hyds, you need to buy them, or you can collect through a milestone system, and finally you can get them by selling your stuff on the exchange which means that someone had to buy the Hyds. they pinch pennies so hard that quarters fly out. I really hope that the Devs listen to their player base because it is the players that pay their bills and give them paychecks, without the players, they don't make money.