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general complaint

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hello people, unfortunately I have to express my displeasure again. In the course of the week a lot was changed for the worse, unfortunately you have to say as always. some flagships have been extremely slowed down, so that you have to invest more and more time in this game and once again achieve less in this time. Many flagships have meanwhile become so slow that I do not have enough personal time to call the fleet out of the expedition, start an attack and save everything again. so it is hardly possible to generate fuel costs for it. At the same time, one is dependent on the large flagships, which meanwhile the aggression of the pirates is endless.
the exchange of resources for fuel also became ridiculously expensive. recently it was 10%, now it is 25%. aren't you trying to keep the game in balance at balanc? but an increase of 250% is simply sick.
I understand that you want to take money and thus have introduced the premium accout, but why does the ripper get no bonuses for an alliance station, network or planetoid? i also thought that the toss was finally able to produce resources to cover its own amortization costs. but unfortunately I was disappointed here too.
there are also huge connection problems when you are active on your cell phone. connecting to the app or via the browser has been almost impossible for some time

it would be nice if you take my words to heart and don't destroy the game anymore and make it playable, because the development looks like it means pay to play. at the same time, no one has the time to play this game as the changes keep slowing down.
28 June 2020 21:06
28 June 2020 21:06
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I think the subscription thing was actually pretty good, however they still killing this game. The subscription is last ditch effort to try and make as much money before game dies, they realized they fucked up on everything else, but too proud or stupid to change. I still can't move 2 accounts because of the production cuts, even with premium it doesn't make dent. So unfortunately they got $21 from me, even though it is a good deal for everything that it has, even to turn on and then off. However I don't see the game going into next year very long, very few have the time to play or the thousands of dollars to reach any kind of competing level.
29 June 2020 13:42
29 June 2020 13:42
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the subscription to this game is $18 per month American Currency, there are many games that cost $5-$20 that offer much more in terms of graphics, playability, storyline, and PVP without a monthly subscription, this Game is simply not good enough to charge a monthly, in addition to that the game charges you Hyds for everything you want to do, convert resources, fleet upkeep, buy off the exchange, reply to posts on the forums, report an issue to the Devs. There is no building to get Hyds, you need to buy them, or you can collect through a milestone system, and finally you can get them by selling your stuff on the exchange which means that someone had to buy the Hyds. they pinch pennies so hard that quarters fly out. I really hope that the Devs listen to their player base because it is the players that pay their bills and give them paychecks, without the players, they don't make money.
1 July 2020 00:24
1 July 2020 00:24
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15 February 2021 02:50
15 February 2021 02:50
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GRUMPYOLDFART, They did a mistake in formula

you need to write bug report. its because a general forumula got written wrong.
also res trade has this shit
15 February 2021 02:59
15 February 2021 02:59
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17 February 2021 15:13
17 February 2021 15:13
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i have seen some crazy stuff in this game, but, overloading pirate ops with these weapons when no silos are visible really goes beyond realistic play my thoughts, Fair play on an even playing field of battle,,, You Adimins really messed this one up, And WHY:?
2 May 2021 00:54
2 May 2021 00:54
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The trend is increased nerdiness and time consumption
Capturing the pirate station was the last intrest for me,
I don't care if they remove the scrap from them for cutting them down
One intrest remains is to see what happens with quest 9
But don't worry about it , its not a finished product , everything is dynamic
5 May 2021 01:01
5 May 2021 01:01


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