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Topic: not fare admin | 31 May 2017 13:09
Message #98

as you changed field requirement i'm now in the negative
i'm at lvl 4 terra already and need to go up 2 lvl just to be able to build 
Topic: lost against lesser fleet | 29 May 2017 16:58
Message #97
thank you cetron for stating the obvious
it was a value less point witch no one needed to make so no real surprise you would choose too make it
well done!
Topic: lost against lesser fleet | 29 May 2017 15:55
Message #96
even so the 2 round show i attacked with more fire power!
Topic: lost against lesser fleet | 27 May 2017 22:31
Message #95

how did this battle go so bad?
4200 stealth against mainly 1000 battleships!
stealth's have 10% evasion and x4 against heavy armor which includes battleships!
round 1 & 2 i had much higher attack yet his fleet took no damage
on paper i should have won with ease instead i lost badly 
Topic: Joint attack, Bunker, “Zeta” | 18 May 2017 22:20
Message #94
joint fleet cancel is a good idea
Topic: WHY VICTORIA CLOSE TOPICS again | 18 May 2017 15:32
Message #93
1 unit will attack if at cords!
it is only at planet were 100 points applies
so sending one ship will give a report
and a trick rather than waiting is send one ship then 30 seconds later send attack fleet! if the one ship battle shows scourge you have 20 seconds too return you fleet before entering battle 
Topic: New in the game | 17 May 2017 17:07
Message #92
yes that mission comes and goes but really it is not worth the cost
Topic: New in the game | 17 May 2017 15:41
Message #91
if you refer to the ark ?
it is hard to find
really hard
Message #90
yes my laptop struggles 
Topic: galaxy movement tab more user friendly | 20 April 2017 10:00
Message #89
i'm not talking about the map
i'm talking of how far you can move when serching the galaxy
how does no body see what a good idea this is?
Topic: galaxy movement tab more user friendly | 19 April 2017 16:23
Message #88
even in interactive the tab only moves one left or right
the idea is if you are serching the galaxy for ark, pirate or just attack, it would be easier to serch
Topic: galaxy movement tab more user friendly | 16 April 2017 16:06
Message #87

this is a simple drawing to express an ides=a i have put up before
it would give the option in expanded galaxy view to move to the next grid up or down instead of haveing to click on the move tab 5 times going left or right or 3 times going up or down
as i say this would make navigating the galaxy easier (of course it would make you no money so maybe this is why you ignore!)
Topic: Scheduled departure | 6 April 2017 12:05
Message #86
if this is what i think!  i like it.
often i need to send in 1 hr and have to set a alarm but will be able to do it now to go latter 
Topic: WHY VICTORIA CLOSE TOPICS | 30 March 2017 12:46
Message #85
if its fixed or corrected thats fine
its annoying when they closed without fixing
Topic: get your poro here or elsewhere | 18 March 2017 12:23
Message #84
i'm not being stupid cyrano 
i'm making a serious point on morality 
ps i'm not your friend
Topic: get your poro here or elsewhere | 16 March 2017 18:38
Message #83
i have complained about this avatar as offensive
i was told the game has a 21+ certificate!!!
i do not recall this being present when i registered
my 15yr old son who registered at 13 was not asked his age


21 or not i'm here to play the game not be subjected to elicite images (which you have no choice when looking at planet activity it is right there)
i'm 42 and can choose to look at and do as i wish in my own home
gone are the days of going to the news agent or video store to purchase this kind of entertainment
but if i wish to do this it should be my choice not some avatar that forces another persons conscience on me

so i'm putting this to a vote please vote on what you know to be right! if you like porn there is loads available elsewhere!
Topic: this game still ridiculous | 11 March 2017 12:04
Message #82
what would you know cetron! you have been on this game for almost 2 years and less than 20000 point
Topic: xerj mission 8 unbelievable | 11 March 2017 12:02
Message #81
what do you know cetron! you have been on this game for almost 2 years and you do not even have 20000 points
no comment from such a weak player will be usefull
Topic: Viking to be not covered by fas | 1 March 2017 02:59
Message #80
create individual fas tabs for every ship so you can choose units to be covered and units to stay and fight
Topic: new engine to move station | 26 February 2017 16:31
Message #79
the station have different scores so there are ones for weaker players