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Capacity-description, Bug or translation-mistake?

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While checking the forums i didn't find anything about it, so maybe it's just me.
Twice i found/experienced some capacity-issues by now.

First in my queen's "Nest" part of the game the table tells me that one queen has a capacity of 770000 for stolen resources, while in the standard description (from incubator and fleet information) my queens only have a capacity of 77000, how does that work, or which is true?

2nd: I decided to support the game, since i enjoyed it up till now, bought some hydarian crystals and got a medal for it... as i checked that medal also gave me 1000000 of every resource and my metal and mineral amount was suddenly changed into a red color (resource production became negative). After spending some resources as quickly as i could i also checked on my resource-limit which was around 2100000 for metal and crystal at that time. Even with the medal-bonus i should have been far from that amount as i had less than 100k each at that time - what happened?
4 June 2015 11:24
4 June 2015 11:24
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The first problem: it is not a mistake. The capacity of the abdominal bag of your queen is 10 times more than actual capacity.

2nd Your metals and minerals are stored in the same Resource pit and have the general capacity. This should be considered while filling out the form. If you put more minerals, metal will fit fewer and vice versa. It is not a bug.
4 June 2015 11:56
4 June 2015 11:56


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