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research time shows wrong numbers, crazy in research ?

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Dear admins,
guess this screen tells all
no Idea why this happens. 
But in any case it is not correct.

28 October 2019 01:48
28 October 2019 01:48
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Did you start the research and then upgrade something ? Once you start tech research, it will take that long to complete even if you upgrade or downgrade buildings, or however xerj increase their research speed. If you wanted to change to new research time you have to stop and then start again (losing resources yes) I do not know if that is supposed to happen or if the timer is supposed to update when you increase speed. Hope this helps
28 October 2019 09:26
28 October 2019 09:26
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Toiletdude is totally right. New upgrades do not affect on current research. Not a bug.
29 October 2019 14:38
29 October 2019 14:38


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