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Bug collission speed and time, Collission speed bug

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Group guest
Dear admins.
Next Game bug. wich support the shadow alliance.
THIS is the situation.
I moved 11 Dunkles to place of @Nels OPS for doing collission.
9 hours after my arriving The shadow alliance started Mooning.
2 of my ops already 2 hours in flight this time.
Shooting with gun to insect in collission. That insect collission speed gets 3 times longer.
But - unfortunately. All Dunkles - also the not shooted one get that slow speed. Dunkle in move while gets shot
@Nels in our zone with OPS.
I wanted to destroy. @Nels shoot to 1 OPS.
But not only 1 dunkle is slow down in collission speed now.
This moment 4 dunkles have 6 hours collission time. instead of 2.
See screen
Because this I loose 10 Dunkle for nothing.
As they have time to make new dunkles,
And start kollissions with me
And shadow destroys my dunkle before I can reach @Nels.
Again they use a game bug
again us.
now 3 hours in move. And enemy OPS still 1 cm from left
screen corner. This means my dunkel does not move Are you serious ????
Now it is 10 Hours after my first post, 14 hours after I started
the first collissions. 2 Dunkles still in flight.
In the meantime Shadow destroyed some of my dunkles.
So @Nels OPS survive. he only lost some shields.
Easy to see Beprotis hat first impact 4 hours after start.
My first dunkles reached targets After 11 hours flight.
OF course spy report show similar dunkle levels.
UPDATE screen shows still more than 40 minutes.
11:47 am - AM ! ! ! server time. with dunkle that gets N O T shot with gun.
1) So shadow started stealing OPS - was to difficult as we stole back.
OPS battle report bug suddenly happened.
2) I was at shadow gate with dunkle. Suddenly structure game change WORMHIVE.
So WEPHA survived and shadow gate survived, too.
3) Time we have war with shadow - suddenly a WORMHOLE from shadow to us apear.
4) @Nels did the mistake - coming with OPS to us with to low level insect.
to much cooling time. I moved 10 dunkles . And woops - Collision time is buggy.
It seems the game balance editor is from shadow alliance.
And it seems this game suddenly gets buggy ever correct time for shadow.
UPDATE next bug --->
UPDATE - finaly my last Dunkle did collission. only needed freaking 16 hours
. it got shot with gravity gun
I write from time from moment I set speed to 1 and collission switch = on
so only time it needed on local cords for collission flight.
As message showed 6 hours - this is a bit longer. isn't it?
Asking for banning player wich USE this bug
has no effect. I know.
We now did ally message how to make multi accaunts
and how to do accaunt pumping in tehb style.
Because you do not bann this players our player need to do same.
so you soon have hundreds more accaunts in game
wich spend no money and are parasites.
Because this seems what you want and support.
19 October 2020 23:24:44
19 October 2020 23:24:44
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Group humans Alliance Тень 88 48 106 Points 14 160 298 Messages 23
The information above is not so correct.
1. The Shadow's dunkles destroyed 1-st and last (11) dunkle of the UN only;
2. Some dunkles made collision together due to NELS used gun to slowdown nearest dunkle. In that case several (2+2) dunkles made collision together near the OPS NELS and 2 duncles ware destroyed completely, 2 were damaged only.
3. About 5 Normal dunkles and 2 Damaged duncles made collision with OPS NELS_Express, in this way more than 9100 of the Big Shields was destroyed.
4. OPS NELS_Express never died!
Thanks for a good time
21 October 2020 13:55:26
21 October 2020 13:55:26
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Group guest
you are a smal lyer. see screen. 8 dunkles crashed into your ops.
And why you are proud a bug secured your ass ?
- again ?
second time a bug secured you personaly.
And why proud of massive shiels. You got from killing and recycling service.
This is no hero work.

From 269 million structure you got down to 110 million Structure.
I saved all spy reports. so do not write such shit. As I have all proofes.

And my own collission happened because of 8 -14 hours collission times
as I needed to sleep. And the BUG was there.
So the 3 lost dunkle from me, secured your ass.
2 by beprotis cheater.
I count much more than the allowed 100 moons at beprotis
I REMEMBER very good. Valentin999 as alliance Leader got some moonshots from his alliance.
And the Tehb cryed very loud and wanted to bann him from game.
Of course - Tehb - are allowed to do. what they do not like if other do.
NOW they did 500 more moonshots.
And if we cry because this - same they did -
they only laugh.
But , oposite to Valentin999 -
I see who collected debris. And Because of hundreds of moonshots in 2 days,
I call it SYSTEMATIC accaunt pumping. as I see who collected debris.

Also I have a screen. From Beprotis Points. doubled his size. from 7 mio to 14 mio
points in 3 days. By systematic accaunt pumping.
And admins do not bann him.
NO 7 mio point player can double his points in 3 days without systematic pumping.
21 October 2020 15:10:40
21 October 2020 15:10:40
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Group humans Alliance Тень 88 48 106 Points 14 160 298 Messages 23
Dear SusiS, maybe I am a small lier, but I can easy to count up to 6. Please, do this carefully in your screen.
You will see 6 collisions with my beautiful OPS NELS_Express only.
Please, ask anyone to help you in calculating process.
You are beautiful too, but I don't believe in brown color of your hair.

With warmest regards,

NELS from Shadow

Next tour,

We can see 2 small collisions, that means, some of your duncles have already been damaged!
Please, calculate, as a result I loss 9171 Big Shields.
During all fighting I continuously made the new Big Shields with Nanitov 7 lvl.

kiss you,


More info: МУЖИКИ налепили дунь, 70 ЛП! замедляю впереди летящую спрятался Читер прикрывает меня окружили заботой
21 October 2020 17:04:01
21 October 2020 17:04:01
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Group humans 35 9 15 Messages 3204

Google Sheet

Table sorted by time of collision.
hours to OPS: it is a time to reach OPS from moment colliding was enabled on full speed without gun`s slow down. Could be higher as Susis was changing direction several times.

So as I see it: Susis had 11 dunkles, two of them took beprotis, another two Susis collided with each other.
Only 7 of 11 reached OPS, but only 5 with full structure.
23 October 2020 11:58:57
23 October 2020 11:58:57
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Group guest
Dear Cemeh.
Collission time gets showed. And susi said that showed time was not correct.
Nels shot only 1 Dunkle same time. because only 1 canon.
But as I understand - all Dunkles showed longer Collission time in screen.
So first bug : slow down of all dunkles. time 1 gets shot.
Second bug. even display said 6 hours - it was more.
As I understood the collissions happened - as she did not stay 39 hous at computer.
With normal collission time of 2 hours this collissions would not have happened.

Susi sendet us all screens. to calculate distances. as she had no time.
It was easy to see that Distance did not go down for hours.
The canon calculation programm showed a total stop.
You are the programmer.
So why you spent time to calculate if 4 or 7 dunkles hit nels ????
The bug was the time that was needed for moving on local cords. !
not the collission itselve.
For us it is not important how many did impact.
For us is only important that collission speed got to 0.
Same time susi fighted shadow. And I begin to think that she is right. Other rules for russian.

At 20 sever I got first screen. with info that first Dunkles crahes in 2 hours.
Then nels began shooting. other dunkle.
At 23:00 I got second screen ( 1 hour after "displayed" collision time.
that this ops need still 6 hours.
At 4:00 Susi sendet last screen to me. still in display 6 hours collission time.
So we think it was because of server could not handle such much objects.
And your pogramming of displayed collission time did not real time watch.

So bug or Server.
and it is your work to look for correct reason. And not what happened BECAUSE
of the bug. As you never give any dunkles back or bann nels
23 October 2020 23:39:43
23 October 2020 23:39:43
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Group guest
7 dunkles same distance for 8 hours.
I asked 3 times if she has speed on.
As distance did not change hole time.
And I got all screens with showed speed = 1
So why distance did not got down ?????
why 7 dunkles stopped for hours,
why 4 dunkles showed constant 6, ... hours collission time hole night ?
24 October 2020 00:07:11
24 October 2020 00:07:11
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Group humans Alliance Тень 88 48 106 Points 14 160 298 Messages 23
Please, check a time in chat.
It means the dunkles waiting more time, than before and NOT STARTED !

Who is CHEATER ???
24 October 2020 00:50:18
24 October 2020 00:50:18
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Group guest
Nels, your alliance is a total fake
And Cemeh answer is a joke.
Like at sending 200 fleets to 1 point - the game stopps.
I told it stops same with such much dunkles same place.
But it seems admins are not interrested in facts.
With fleets you have the SPAM filter.
With dunkles not.
And I think you should count beprobis Dunkles.
As it he has much more than the maximum allowed amount.
6 November 2020 00:00:40
6 November 2020 00:00:40
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Group humans Alliance Тень 88 48 106 Points 14 160 298 Messages 23
Опус о спасении рядового Nels

Глава раз

Теплой осенью намедни заглянув в ночной астрал, снарядивши ОПСку Nels отправился в UN ал.
Сей поход простым казался, ОПСка - как скала, стан щитами красовался, лазер жалит всех дотла,
Жуткий страх на всех наводит оборона, виков тьма, ястребов взор озлобленный и плетьми пестрит корма.
Долетел... Обосновался... Под скафандр залив пивка сходу с алом разосрался, ОПС отжав с пинка.

Ночь настала, в сон уж клонит, вдруг... атакою трезвонит вой ракет со всех сторон, нанося щитам урон!
Вот те нааа... В потемках ночи упираясь, что есть мочи Nels ракеты отбивал, раздражая весь Un ал.
Ночь прошла и день проходит, враг ракеты хороводит непрерывно, в небе мгла, оба трещину дала...
Двое суток бой тот длился, враг ракетами стремился обу вдребезги разбить и пиратку захватить.

По совету аксакалов, Трэша и других соалов, стаи брудов от Fix-Fax обеспечили релакс.

Дни летят, КД проходит, к новой цели Nels уводит ОПС к Друзьям под бок, чтобы змей давить клубок.
В добрый путь!
Не тут-то было :( SusiS - старая кобыла стаю дунь в кулак собрав к ОПС летит стремглав!
Ужас! Мрак! Дерьмо! Sheet happen! Всё, что нажито за лето вдруг собралось к праотцам, ОПС грозит бедлам!
SusiS рожу лыбит рьяно, неизбежности капкана радуясь, беснуясь всласть, с вожделеньем морщит пасть.
Всё.. Пимдец... Сливайте воду.... Nels готовит флот к отводу, ОПС почти просрав на пути в UN анклав.

Глава двас

Вдруг, откуда не возьмись, появился... 🛳️beprotis !!!

Тут же и Diehard явился, в обе планки закрепился, и на пару из какулек наклепали Лун для дунек!
Трудно те ЛП всходили, время вправо уводили, но упорство с Твердым лбом SusiS вкрячили в облом.
Как потом она стонала, "читером" всех обзывала, всуе Трэша вспоминала, дуньки кинув напролом...

Долго дуньки те летели,
угрожая разметелить все щиты на ОПС и отправить Nels в регресс.

Суть да дело любят смелых и из лун в руках умелых, Бип всю ночь совсем не спал, срочно дунек наклепал.
Ночью началась движуха, НО... у Нелса была пуха и, прицелившись на раз, он шмаляет дунькам в глаз!
Гравипухой в них стреляя, скорость первых замедляя, нанося врагу урон, дунь выстраивал в заслон.
🛳️beprotis с другого края, время даром не теряя , в SusiS дуньки запустил и ближайшую... подбил!
Дальше всё пошло по плану, дуньки дунек вслед таранят, SusiS матерно орёт, на английском глотку рвёт.

Десять дунек в Nels летело, пуха к каждой не поспела, и отчаявшись совсем Nels таранят дунек семь...
Много ресов мы собрали, на ходу щиты клепали, рой ракеток отбивали, сброшенных UNалом всем.

Бип старанил last дуняху вновь сподвигнув SusiS к краху, мордой в пол ее уткнул и, устав, глаза сомкнул.

По утру пришла ПОБЕДА, начитавшись Susi'S бреда облегчённо Nels вздохнул и расслабившись уснул)

Опус сей другим наука, коли вас смущает скука лезьте в .опу напролом, там найдете вы облом :(
Хоть средь доблестных соалов настоящих буйных мало, но ГЕРОИ ЕСТЬ У НАС!!!
и из опы вынут вас!

С Большой Благодарностью за неожиданную, своевременную, Большую помощь в успешном завершении похода к:
🛳️beprotis, Diehard, Prokurat, 🕷️TARANTULLL, Спок, Balu, Штирлицу, Fix-Fax и др.

Краткий отчет о походе: массовые налёты ракет Всего за 2 суток было сброшено более 5000 ракет Но самым сложным было то, что ракеты летели круглые сутки через небольшие интервалы и спать почти не удавалось, постоянно клепая противоракеты МУЖИКИ налепили 11 дунь, более 70 ЛП! замедляю впереди летящую спрятался Читер прикрывает меня окружили заботой
7 November 2020 01:35:38
7 November 2020 01:35:38
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Group guest
AND AGAIN we had same shit .
To much dunkles at same orbit - the game stops.
Game menus do not open. Galaxy view do not open.
Different view and speed failors.

In fact it is not possible to move 10 dunkles simultan same ORBIT.
29 November 2020 00:27:18
29 November 2020 00:27:18


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