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I propose this topic for solving purely technical and organizational issues. So as not to alter later, not to change along the way (although this is no longer XCraft will work)

1. If it is technically possible, set a time limit for voting. So that the person who raised the issue could set the duration of the vote. When the time expires, the ability to vote is terminated
5 December 2020 12:26
5 December 2020 12:26
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бан не менее 6 месяцев
Вопрос не о времени бана - сенат выразил своё мнение, а о том, что делать дальше с результатами голосования.
См.здесь: "Багоюз. Бан по п.7,3 - "Дело скупщика"
16 March 2021 08:02
16 March 2021 08:02


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