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planet was destroyed despite the remaining structure and destroyed 3 o

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Hi Admins,

The last sturktur on the planet was 1448 my shot destroyed in one attack 648 .I Put the autostop to 1000 Points, But it didn't work. The Gun fired and destroyed 2 stations and one ops.
The Auto Stop had to stop at 1000 Struktur so the end from 1448 -648 = 800 so under 1000 Struktur stop. But it didn't work.
Plz restore the Stations and the ops.

i want replacement. this is a bug

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20 December 2020 11:08
20 December 2020 11:08
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We investigated this issue, and it is not a bug, but rather an obscure case of destruction mechanics.
The planet was recolonized before you tried to attack it with Gravity gun. That lead to a wipe of all structures built on that planet, and since buildings provide structure bonus, that bonus was removed and planet's structure became negative.
And if object's structure becomes negative due to something non-destructive (like removal of bonuses), that object is not destroyed right away, but there is some time for object's owner to restore structure. But, any destructive action against an object with negative structure will destroy it. This includes activation of a Gravity gun, and no check will be made for autodisabling in that case.

We've added info about objects with negative structure in our descriptions of destruction and autodisabling mechanics.
21 December 2020 18:50
21 December 2020 18:50


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