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Misscalculation Fuelconsumtion

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as you can see in the Screenshot ( ), Fuel Processing LVL 5 brings -15,6
regarding your description ( ) LVL 5 means 5% Fuelsaving.
And calculating with the base of 400 this results in -20 not -15,6

It's the same at couriers

i haven't checked the other races or more different ships but
i suppose it's a major misstake in the culculating formula

22 May 2021 17:05
22 May 2021 17:05
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As said in the description you're citing, reduction is applied to actual fuel consumption, i.e. after all other changes were applied.
In your case, the ship with basic consumption 400 got reduced to 400-24-40-10.3-13.6 ≈ 312. That is the value to which 5% reduction from the discipline was applied (and 5% of 312 is 15.6).

This is not a bug.
23 May 2021 18:10
23 May 2021 18:10


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