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Laboratory building, Building Level up didnt work

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I tried to level up the Lab building from 2 to 3 and always
received the message: *Research is still ongoing *.

Which was not the case - relogged a couple of times and it didnt help.

I noticed also, that the small green arrow on the bottom left was missing.

I dismantled the Lab building and tried to rebuild it and still receive the same msg: Research is still ongoing.

Thanks for your help.


Second class award

Second class award

This award can be exchanged for fleet award. It is issued for assistance in addressing serious bugs in game.

Reward issued by: Victoria

25 June 2015 17:17
25 June 2015 17:17
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Research is being carried out in the lab. Update is not possible
25 June 2015 18:01
25 June 2015 18:01
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my terran account can't build it on a colony at all, even though no research is going on, requirements are met and resources are enough on the colony...
25 June 2015 18:30
25 June 2015 18:30
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25 June 2015 22:20
25 June 2015 22:20


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