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Now: 30 March 2020 09:48
Responsible: RedBarmaley  

No Attack warning

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I recently finished giving Toni Montana the resources and have moved to the attack of my planet.
I see that I will get attacked.. but I have not warnings only in the mission tab and in the quest area. Is this normal. I have already defended my planet from the first wave, but in earlier quests I got multiple wave,but got attack warnings and time to attack info.. I have not attack alerts and not time to attack info.
Please let me know if this is normal and if not is this what I can expect from here on.

6 March 2019 19:10
6 March 2019 19:10
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Can't reproduce. I see warning in fleet menu.
23 March 2020 12:29
23 March 2020 12:29
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RedBarmaley,  Got different attack warnings - BEEP - 5 minutes later than attack started.
And some I do not get.
Addon we did team attack - And in flight menu - I saw a fleet attacking me on Orbit - without ANY name.
Just saw attack coming from enemy planet.  It was the returning attack fleet of allied.
In TOP menu - it needed 2 mintues to actualize name.
In Fleet menu it was hole time without a name of fleet owner.

Whatever you changed. thats not tested.
Today, 03:06
Today, 03:06


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