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Game owner tells to fight nazi and napoleon, racist game

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 In Vasjas russian version, the info about new french Language soundet very different.
There was an anounce for payback to nazi (german game version  )  and Napoleon ( french game version )
And I wonder he does not bann himselve.
Is this a racist game now ?
Are the player calling me "Subhuman" anounced to do so from game owner ?
It would be nice you denied it - and correct the russian Post.
And I think some addon words to german, english and french comunity are not wrong !
Here Vasjas Original post
google translation :  "  The title is one of the few phrases that I know in French. Unlike the Xcraft project, because the French version of the game was released. Language can be changed in the settings.
Now you can avenge not only the Nazis for the Didos who fought, but also for Napoleon!" again.
21 February 2020 16:39
21 February 2020 16:39


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