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Change of aggression WITHOUT notice

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i know that you will say it is not a bug, but you make changes without announcing them. You recently announced that the rules for aggression are being changed and that they are increasing faster. it was never talked about that this would reduce the intrinsic values. Because of your unannounced change, I lost 2 SN. this would not have happened if you did your work properly !!! in my opinion you should at least credit the loss to me with 2x600HC.
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21 April 2020 14:57
21 April 2020 14:57
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I agree the anouncement of victoria was very different.
No word about own ships get weaker.
So pirate gets stronger. correct. own ships get weaker ? never a word read about that.

This is not what admins told. In Victoria anouncing.
Even we could think it. Mostly they fu... us double every time.

So we can kill 1 Matriarch, per month. because the agression you get with killing of 1 Matriarch, need 1 month to go down.
21 April 2020 15:09
21 April 2020 15:09
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Nessaja, this is not a bug, but it was implemented in a non-intuitive way*, and it was indeed a drastic balance change. Administration has now agreed to apply new aggression as a bonus to attack damage only, without boosts to survivability.

(* — since it was announced that aggression will boost attack, shields and armor, and it is not possible for a unit to present different values of shield or armor to different enemies with varying aggression levels, a boost to shields/armor was done as a decrease of incoming damage, which is essentially the same thing for calculations)

Quote: Nessaja
Because of your unannounced change, I lost 2 SN.

Could you please provide a log? In private message, if you don't want to publish it.
21 April 2020 15:42
21 April 2020 15:42


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