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Is it CORRECT to pay someone taxes out of your pockets?
Yes - 1 (33%)

No - 1 (33%)

May Be - 0 (0%)

Based Upon Circumstances - 0 (0%)

Only For Friends & Family it is Possible not others - 1 (33%)

Option 5 + Our Community too - 0 (0%)

Total voted: 3

Dues From Capital Key, Someone else is paying TRIBUTE Unnecessarily

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Group guest
First of all I am a noob trying to understand the game, if it is a mistake or if it is inappropriate to tag someone I apologise.

Currently I am holding Six Capital Keys including mine. You can view it here & here

But instead of player @Yaroslav-Aspid (Race - Human)  Someone else @LittleMissTake (Race - Human) is paying tribute to me
It's totally unfair to that player, I haven't attacked her Capital yet.

I request you to look into it.
Also Sent uncensored Screenshot to your Private Message.

Even-though Capital Key of Player @rickerdgreat has been returned but still I am receiving taxes, Can Some one Explain ?
For reference check the about screenshot.
Thank You
23 April 2020 19:45
23 April 2020 19:45
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If player has several keys, a random key will be stolen.
Foreign keys are desirable prey because the owner of the captured key pays 5% of production as a tribute.
24 April 2020 07:18
24 April 2020 07:18
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Group guest
Some Cons Over that
Could you enlightenment me here please

1. Even the key that I holds , Battle report of "Yaroslav-Aspid" ,
on 22-April-2020 09:54:55 AM to be precise & Players Planet Justifies that the owner
was "Yaroslav-Aspid" not as "LittleMissTake" = (If false then it's a BUG too)

2."Yaroslav-Aspid" Last Visited the Forum on 16-March-2020 03:25 AM ,
Even if "Yaroslav-Aspid" taken the key of "LittleMissTake" on 17-March-2020 SOMEHOW
(it is NOT possible because "LittleMissTake" will under under newbie protection as her registration date was 14-March-2020 08:19 AM
The key wouldn't stay with others for more that 3 Days. questions i have ,So it will be returned to their owner by 20-March-2020.
Even Considering the maximum time period how could "Yaroslav-Aspid" can hold the key for more THAN A MONTH = (Is it a BuG)

3.And I swear I have seen the name "Yaroslav-Aspid" on my due list but I dint have the Screenshot of it after a refresh it Suddenly Changed to "LittleMissTake"
I don't know why?

For Uncensored Snips Please Look into your PM.
Thank You & Also Don't make waste my Crystal. Look into it carefully I hope you get it.
24 April 2020 08:51
24 April 2020 08:51
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You cannot rely on information about the last visit to the forum, it is not the last visit of the game. Not every player enters the forum, although he does to the game. One can play and not go to the forum for years. So this argument, unfortunately, does not fit. You can write me PM and not to waste HC.
24 April 2020 11:20
24 April 2020 11:20


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