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Its possible to answer before other tell question, time system fail

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Dear admins.
Server time is not syncron anymore.
We lost different ships in team attacks.
Thought my player are stupid.

NOW I see this
I run 22 seconds before this guy. as Example.
22 seconds ? we never had before.
IT was absolute syncon in past.
I think you need to sycronise the XCRAFT servers.
For sure they are not syncon in time this moment.
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25 February 2021 19:46
25 February 2021 19:46
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SusiS, messages you just sent are displayed using your device time, while other messages are dated with server time. Most likely, it's your device that is out of sync.
If you refresh the dialog, you shouldn't see any time travel.
25 February 2021 20:07
25 February 2021 20:07
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looks good. NO it does not. I just wanted to show my testing. To you.
You see game time, local time and chat time. AND I tell you.
CHAT time is not syncron with game time or local time.
my seconds are near syncon.

OF course we watch Game time wich is flight time - mostly.
we watch local times. we try to synconise. Still - more then 1 ops same place
or more player in fight - this system gets out of sync.
If you do not believe me . it is not my fault.
25 February 2021 22:11
25 February 2021 22:11
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There was indeed no time synchronisation in the sent messages of the dialogs, because of this, the time could be incorrect.
This problem has been fixed. We have not found any other problems.
If you still have comments about the time, please reopen this topic or create a new one with the problem spots and screenshots.
12 July 2021 07:03
12 July 2021 07:03


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