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Performance / fight / Beep warning, fleet list

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Dear Admins.
I fighted a nagibator.
7 minutes AFTER fight started,
I got the RED 1 enemy light. I got the beep. And fleet list got actualized.

7 minutes AFTER start of fight !
Before had no enemy sign. No allied or enemy fleet in fleet list. no beep (sound signal).
THIS is a war / fight game. Means This should work at minimum.
What does the alarm signal help if it comes after fight ?????
We have such problems since weeks. With server performance. And instead of solving this MAIN problem,
You spent time power for stupid game changes.
Please ask Cemeh to solve it. LAst time with performance problem he spent much work in it.
And solved it.
IF wished I can send admins reports. So they can see time.
2 May 2021 20:31:22
2 May 2021 20:31:22
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Please, send us reports for checking
4 May 2021 06:29:59
4 May 2021 06:29:59
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Is the problem still existing? We have made some changes that have solved a similar problem.
4 June 2021 08:11:50
4 June 2021 08:11:50
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if you write date here I could tell more exact.
At 1. Juni it still excisted
4 June 2021 22:08:56
4 June 2021 22:08:56


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