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Blind Admins ?, research tree

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Dear Admins,
Who is the Blind guy ? Does Anyone think
the new tech tree makes more Overview ?
Watch this
Its such big. not even All informations are to see .
And 80% of researches now only down after each other
like this
Do we get "raiding" points by scrolling through endless menu's ????
Where is the FEATURE ?
It only got more difficult to find a research. You do not love people spending hc to get more. We know since increasing research times.
AND BUG - Watch first Screen. Text is CUT because of Admins ZOOM
Do not Drink time you are coding.
11 May 2021 19:01
11 May 2021 19:01
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agreed, the new research / tech tree is hideous. put it back to the way it was.
11 May 2021 19:07
11 May 2021 19:07
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Quote: Xerast
put it back to the way it was.

You can turn it off in Options->Interface.
11 May 2021 21:07
11 May 2021 21:07


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