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Collission with dunk, Collission

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Group guest
The user on whose account the problem was detected:

Date or time of the incident (according to server time):
18:40 server time, june the 3rth
Collission with Fleet AND OPS

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Stopping to do stupid game changes and solving the real problems.

Screen 1 - target OPS - shown diameter 1K
Screen 2 Target empty space shown diameter 30K ( OPS diameter )
3 June 2021 18:42:46
3 June 2021 18:42:46
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Group xerj Alliance BATTLESTAR 111 31 71 Points 13 182 128 Messages 22

and im sure the collision button was turned off at this time ?
4 June 2021 13:37:08
4 June 2021 13:37:08
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Group guest
NO collission ON of course. I want to kill shadows.

AND NOW ------>

7BLACK7 was on cords. and he could run away. WHY ? of course the game denied killing shadows.
and I get a nice black RED 52 in screen. instead of a fleet.
This is 100th time game does not allow me the little success to see a GOOD tehb.
As only a dead one is a good one.
5 June 2021 04:41:37
5 June 2021 04:41:37
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Group xerj Alliance BATTLESTAR 111 31 71 Points 13 182 128 Messages 22
Well my case is different but you already made a collision bug report , i was adding to it

in my case i had to turn on collision for the dunkle to be able to move otherwise i got: Your object Dunkleosteus ⌀648 at coordinates [60:827:6] has stopped due to: stopping to avoid collision (planet Colony).
at 2-3 minutes before collision i turned the collision button off and changed the angle of flight , watched it in the Overview and then the station disappeared
look at the time of the screenshot
5 June 2021 06:41:12
5 June 2021 06:41:12
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Group guest
NICE that we get not an answer or solution since MONTH

I have 5 bug reports open wich are not SOLVED
31 May 2022 01:25:12
31 May 2022 01:25:12


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