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automatic overtaking of Value in simulation, does not work

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The automatic Value Overtaking in simulation does not work at my toss.
The time Tvister100 attacks.

At my teran it works. to less spy tech.
at my xerj it works but also to less spy tech.

Again. attacking a big Alliance , a shit does not work wich is needed to win.

I spied tvister100 and I spied my own xerj
BUT I can not press Aplay button. it has no effect. does not continue.
no message. no failor message.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Why I pay premium Vasja ???? Pressing aply does not work time I need it urgent.

9 March 2023 10:24:18
9 March 2023 10:24:18
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Group guest
To specify.
"After " choosing a player for overtaking Tech.
The apply button does not work. The cancel button works.

Only at my toss. At Teran and Xerj it still works.

so it has something to be in user settings.

Failor started time I attacked CZT and wanted to kill Tvister100.
But without simulation I could not.

AND IT STILL does not work
11 March 2023 01:48:57
11 March 2023 01:48:57
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Group guest
NOW could press "apply" button and got "spy report of player was not found" .
AFTER spying.
AGAIN the "Apply" button did not work.

ADMINS solve it. ! ! !

Its only at my toss .
17 March 2023 04:44:17
17 March 2023 04:44:17
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Please tell us if the problem still actual?
2 May 2023 06:09:26
2 May 2023 06:09:26


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