Human Quest 11 - Telepathist

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I am having problems contacting the station in orbit over one of my planets. I go to overveiw and zoom in to the space station but when i click it all i get is a green targeting array and no option to contact or fly a ship to it.

If i try to send a ship to the station via the fleet tab, i get the message: "Make contact with the station"

What am i missing?
14 November 2023 03:01:25
14 November 2023 03:01:25
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You need to approach the station in free flight. Send a small cargo ship into high orbit on defense order, then click the enter free flight button on the fleet sending page. Aim it at the station in local coords and have it fly to the station. Contact with the station will occur automatically once you get close enough.
14 November 2023 20:38:57
14 November 2023 20:38:57


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