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Topic: Trampolines 1 Million gas | 13 January 2020 10:52
Message #29
Nah not too bad, building 100 trampolines only takes 50 million more gas now, which is nothing to guys like us right? I am up to 300 trampolines, how about yourself?
Topic: Trampolines 1 Million gas | 3 January 2020 12:46
Message #28
Already starting the New Year's great! Shit deals on already way too expensive officers, a gift box with a stupid low chance of getting plus prizes that have even worse odds, and now more  Xcraft "balancing" which mean we need more lube! 1k vespane now for trampolines, that you already nerfed last year, what is next? You going to just remove them and steal everyone's tramps like you did with technology? twice! It sucks such a great game was made and then passed down to some idiots, who are so shallow there only focus is on money, but too stupid to do anything worthwhile.
Message #27
LoganCain, Well you just mad because you lost lol, some of us actually got robbed by the developers. I would advice you not to spend any money on these types of games until you learn the ropes of playing, since everything that happened to you is covered under the rules. I would go to the forums or ask your mentor on how to save your fleet and play correctly.

However this game is a sham, based on real theft of my technology that I spent millions of materials to research, and thousands of crystals invested in resources for upgrades. For you to reset all player's technology, players who been here 10 years with others that just started playing, with no compensation, it blows my mind. That the developers choose to break the law instead of just refunding IN-GAME RESOURCES! THEY ARE NOT REAL! YOU CAN CREATE ALL THE MINERALS YOU WANT! Yet here we are, developers that are so fucking greedy that are hording game resources from it's players. It is really shameful that people like these exists, I heard the game used to be under different ownership and much better, it is sad to see such a great game made by good people, taken and ruined by these morons who only care about making quick penny. So do not give money to these crooks, not because the game and community is bad, but because these developers ruined a good thing all for greed. Plus this game will not be here for another year sadly, so don't waste money.

Let me know about any games that are run by decent people thanks.
Topic: Price of the accelerator | 9 November 2019 01:40
Message #26
Yeah they are showing true colors now, just garbage greedy developers who do not care about their players, I suggest finding new game and not to give anymore money to them.
Topic: Lost research | 8 November 2019 08:37
Message #25
They fucked us, stole resources that we invested in research and reset technology. I would find a new game if you still a newbie, this one is going down fast
Topic: Sailor Moon and computer technology | 8 November 2019 00:33
Message #24
Bazzy, the one crystal is well worth it when you consider I have lost maybe 3000 crystals on upgrades that now have been stolen. I work a lot and don’t have lots of time to hunt so I try and support players by buying my resources. So the 17 levels that were stolen from me is worth telling everyone to not support this game anymore. I am looking for other games if anyone had good ideas though for I am done donating to developers who clearly give no fucks about their players and now literally robbing us.
Topic: Sailor Moon and computer technology | 7 November 2019 22:49
Message #23
You guys actually touched my research wow, So i donated a fuck ton of money to buy resources to upgrade to computer technology 19 and you fuck tards just erase that? There isn't much to do since you greedy fucking bastards who dont care really. So no more donating, reporting to you guys bugs, or helping at all for this game.
Topic: Dota Planet | 3 October 2019 11:26
Message #22
Yes, it is a random event happening from sending ships on actual expedition, the 10th coordinate of a system. I honestly do not know about the drop rates, but pretty sure it isn't restricted to any specific galaxy group, like the artifacts are.
Topic: Gravity Trampolines | 1 October 2019 02:09
Message #21
I am having difficulty with gravity trampolines, having the settings on, it still will not allow my friends or alliance members to use my trampolines. We have tried setting up 1 of his gravity trampolines at the start, and 20 and the end, then sending 20 of mine at start and a few at end to help out. With the error that there isn't enough gravity trampolines to start the jump due to fleet points. Then trying to set up a few of his gravity trampolines at the end and majority at the start, with only the error that there was not enough to complete the jump for distance. 
Message #20
I switched to the classical buildings view awhile ago, since it was just easier to deal with However found out to get medal you need to collect resources in the new building view When I switched back to classical view though to do some upgrades, and saw these creeping across screen
Topic: Medal update (large cargo) | 5 September 2019 04:59
Message #19
The image for the Large cargo has not been replaced with the new one yet on the medals. Thanks guys!
Topic: Structure repair | 10 August 2019 10:22
Message #18
As far as I know, there is no way to "heal" the structure of ops, PPs, moon, or planet. With the huge nerfs to the structure limits, maybe introducing a way to repair the structure of OPS, PPS, or moon stations / entities is not bad idea. Either having a slow and expensive method to bring it back to full health, or possibly having a little more affordable repair cost but having degenerative repair limit. So if you get hit, or take ops you might have left gravity gun on too long since changes are quietly announced, you can repair the structure but not to 100% of health, maybe only 95%, and the next time you can only do 90%. Just an idea to maybe bring positive change. 

P.S. Some things need to be balanced yes, the gravity trampolines you could fly thru the galaxy really fast and really cheap, so, good nerf now that everything is said and done (please don't nerf them more now that I have positive). However then you have research nerf, is still one of worst things since I been playing (not that long) so many people quit and worse yet you completely handicapped any new players, also the recycling nerf to top it off. All I am saying is that nerfs are needed sometimes, but looking down balance page to just see reduced over and over and so drastically is really cripalling moral.

P.S.S We need an announcement for changes like the ops structure. You have people taking advantage of you guy's temporary drastic and insance nerfs because they either on at right time when you messing with everything or they have quicker access to certain information. There needs to be announcement of changes, for EVERYONE, with time of update as well so people can take some action. Instead of having someone at work and quickly check messages to see ops structure has tanked (mine was down to 60k thanks) and people going around and just destroying everything since they just happened to be on at right time.
Topic: Station teleport range | 10 August 2019 08:09
Message #17
Why are we changing this again? really what the hell, absolutely absurd that with officer, x2 and level 5 station it takes me months to move a few systems. This needs to change back, you kill my structure health, then cut my station range, so basically sitting duck. Wont change or do any good but why not yell at a wall every once in awhile. 
Topic: No 3 The Viking one | 6 August 2019 11:39
Message #16
Topic: No 3 The Viking one | 6 August 2019 07:21
Message #15
Yes, once you complete Alstation, Quay, Space station or Jump gate you can not go back to a moon, also can not build 2 of any unless Superstation (start with space station first) and that costs 10,000 crystals to upgrade to Superstation. Says all in the descriptions :( sorry my friend
Topic: No 3 The Viking one | 6 August 2019 05:36
Message #14
I would say you need only space stations at this point, the alliance station is little bit of boost, but not being in an alliance is making it ineffective. Can you even build anything at the quay without spending at least 20,000 crystals on pirate officer, plus doing quest and finding a level in expedition? Right now ops stations what everyone after (we see after new update) so space stations with gravity guns is what you should be aiming for, and as many as you can.
Topic: Battle changes | 13 July 2019 10:12
Message #13
And so today we had a battle where recyclers are now a bigger target than space wanderers. i am so confused,
Topic: Battle changes | 11 July 2019 16:41
Message #12
Recently I haven't been able to send in gravity trampolines into battle without loosing some or all. I noticed maybe week ago or few days when I lost one in the middle of a battle I had just quit because it was for sure win, 1 space wanderer vs 2 usurper. I left the battle then went to leave and noticed I missing trampoline, to find out usurpers decided to change target to them instead. Now it seems to have just changed to the being targeted and shot first, even though the trampoline can't move in battle, can't attack, and doesn't support any ships.
Recently had battle that went to complete shit, after missing the beginning, where I sent the trampolines in a minute late and literally the nanosecond they join battle they get shot I wondering if there is some clarification on these changes since I now have to change how I hunt pirates yet again, a friend pointed out that the hit boxes on them are HUGE, maybe that is recent change that is making them be targeted? I would just like some understanding and warning on stuff, if I had reports from month ago I was mostly worrying if my space wanderer can tank, now the last 6 battles not one of them has seen a scratch. 

P.S. The juggernaut has the same range as the space wanderer yet in every battle it is always ramming into the enemy, why is that? and can we maybe add a stop button so I stop loosing those as well please, thanks for                        .
Topic: OPS with delivery: update of the 6th quest | 30 June 2019 07:53
Message #11
So is the ops supposed to be over the capital I take it? Mine spawn on a random planet I have out in middle of no where, am I supposed to move stations 500 systems away? Might take me a few years and not sure if game still be around then. 
Topic: Telepathist | 21 June 2019 10:25
Message #10
Is there any way to turn this officer off? The battle sound is now playing right when i send the fleet instead of when the battle is starting. I need a way to turn this officer off, dont give a shit about the 100 crystals because i just lost flagship. I dont understand why this change was made with telepathist, if i want to know the fleet on the coordinates, i will just go there and click on it thanks... lol 

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