Plasma Turret


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One of the most advanced defense weapons systems ever developed, the plasma turret uses a large nuclear reactor fuel cell to power an electromagnetic accelerator that fires a pulse, or toroid, of plasma. During operation, the plasma turret first locks in on a target and begins the process of firing. A plasma sphere is created in the turret`s core by super heating and compressing gases, stripping their atoms of electrons. Once the gas is superheated, compressed, and a plasma sphere is created, it is then loaded into the electromagnetic accelerator which is then energized. Once fully energized, the accelerator is then activated, which results in the plasma sphere being launched at an extremely high rate of speed to the intended target. From your target`s perspective, the approaching bluish ball of plasma is impressive, but once it strikes, it causes instant destruction. Defensive installations deactivate themselves, as soon as enemy severely damages them. The possibility of restoring defenses after the battle is about 70%.
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
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