120014 800300


The most insidious of Xerj creatures. Queens are used to contaminate various humans buildings for the benefit of the Xerjs. The total number of your Queens cannot be more than the total level of Queen's Nest on all your planets (can be increased by mutant "Queen Victoria"). In expeditions, the Queen has the ability to escape from a black hole with a 10% chance. The basic speed increases and it can carry Ruby Artifact, Diamond Artifact or Emerald Artifact starting level 10 with hired mutant Queen Victoria.

Recycling (starting 10th level of mutant Queen Victoria)
Armour 1600
Armour type Light
Size Small
Shield 0
Speed 400800
Warmup time (х1.25 from planet) 05м 00с03м 32с
Capacity 50 000
Fuel consumption 50
Battle speed 100
Blocking ability 0.4
Diameter 20
The energy needed for control 60