Space Wanderer


6 000 0004 000 0003 000 000


Sometime ago on a planet, hidden by the cosmic haze, rejected people made a union. Hiding behind the cosmic dust, they did not decline all the benefits of the civilization, taking advantage of the nearby planets. They intercepted frequent attacks to the many fleets. This allows them to accumulate enough resources to create their own ship. A wanderer is a huge machine with a high capacity, suitable for robbery.

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Armour 1 000 000
Armour type Strengthened
Size Flagship
Shield 50 000
Recovery of the shield 100 %
Speed 150200
Warmup time (х1.25 from planet) 08м 10с07м 04с
Capacity 200 000
Fuel consumption 80007000
Battle speed 330
Damage per round 120 000
Attack per shot 6000
The number of shots per volley 8
The period between volleys 20 seconds
Attack range 650
Blocking ability 2
Diameter 700
The energy needed for control 0